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Litter 0

15:46 Jun 29, 2022

Rubbish Submitted via EPA/NIECE Smartphone App. #Waste/IllegalDumping -- posted via the public api

Near null

Waste/Illegal Dumping 0

15:34 Jun 29, 2022

Su Sundry rubbish mainly from motor trade Submitted via EPA/NIECE Smartphone App. #Waste/IllegalDumping -- posted via the public api

Near null

Large Pothole 0

15:16 Jun 29, 2022

Large Pothole opposite my house P17Y262 on the Bradfields road. 15+ cms deep half meter long at Dunderrow -- posted via

Near opposite P17Y262

Overgrown tree branches 0

14:31 Jun 29, 2022

Please cut tree branches back asap as they are blocking pedestrians walking on the footpaths. This is the trees directly outside portersfield and Weavers...

Near Clonsilla Road

Path not restored properly after digging 1

14:28 Jun 29, 2022

The pathway on the left hand side as you leave Brighton avenue to enter Brighton road in foxrock was dug up several times last year and whilst has been...

Near Corner of brighton avenue and Brighton road

Trees overgrown 1

14:26 Jun 29, 2022

Trees are overgrown and at eye level for pedestrians walking on the pathways. -- posted via mobile web

Near Swiftbrook Park, Tallaght, Dublin 24

Overhanging trees 0

14:04 Jun 29, 2022

Over hanging tree into property from Rathingle Road street at Cherry park swords. Encroaching near the chimney flue potential fire hazard. K67XR91 --...

Near Cheery Park /rathingle road.

Over grown grass & hedging 0

13:15 Jun 29, 2022

At the junction pull out on to the L2004 - road to Hacketstown - the hedge / grass is very over grown and makes it difficult to see -- posted via...

Near HACKETSTOWN Co carlow

Pot holes and poor condition of road 1

13:10 Jun 29, 2022

The road from the Glen to Rustyduff, Co. Wicklow is in extremely poor condition - pot holes with sharp stones. Road surface is rough and worn down...

Near rustyduff co. wicklow

Roads in Estate 0

12:57 Jun 29, 2022

Good afternoon, Is it possible to get road marks in the estate redone At the moment it is very hard to see any marking on the road. The road also need...

Near D24 VNH1

Dead Tree 0

12:55 Jun 29, 2022

Tree is dead. Branches falling off especially when windy.Needs to be removed before a branch falls on someone. -- posted via mobile web...

Near In front of 16 Glendown Grove, Templeogue

Street Light 0

12:52 Jun 29, 2022

Not Working -- posted via mobile web

Near Glendown Grove Templeigue - Street Light No 6


Road very poor condition 1

12:49 Jun 29, 2022

This road is in very poor condition - tarmac worn and rough surface - full of potholes and edge of road breaking and shape -- posted via

Near kilmurry lower

Poor visability at cross roads 1

12:43 Jun 29, 2022

At mullan cross roads co wicklow There is very poor visability due to the high grass / plants - need to be cut but not sprayed with weed killer so makes...

Near mullan cross co wicklow

Street Light Cover on the ground 1

12:36 Jun 29, 2022

For South Dublin County Council please. Street light No. 12, outside 40 Lansdowne park, Knocklyon Road need attention. The Light cover has fallen to the...

Near 40 Lansdowne Park, Dublin 16


Road surface - extremely poor condition 1

12:35 Jun 29, 2022

The road between Michael Dwyers cottage to knockanarrigan Co. Wicklow is extremely poor condition - its full of small pot holes which the county council...

Near rustyduff co. wicklow

Waste/Illegal Dumping 1

11:47 Jun 29, 2022

Rubbish taken from Dodder Valley Park Submitted via EPA/NIECE Smartphone App. #Waste/IllegalDumping -- posted via the public api

Near null

Are reports being submitted 1

11:30 Jun 29, 2022

Hi I was just hoping that you could answer me some questions relating to your service. I have submitted 2 reports relating to a damaged tree at Ringfort...

Near ringfort avenue

Street light not working 1

11:18 Jun 29, 2022

Street light No. 1, on Beechhview, Edmondstown Road, Dublin 16. Light has not been working for over a week no. Lamp post No. 1. -- posted via

Near Beechhview, Edmondstown Road, Rathfarnham, Dublin 16.


Cycle lane repair 0

11:07 Jun 29, 2022

The cycle lane at the Balbriggan Garda Station is in a bad way. It is broken up and unsafe to cycle on. Cyclists swerve to avoid it , so their bike isnt...

Near r132 Balbriggan garda station