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Litter in grass verges 0

16:27 Aug 18, 2017

A large amount of littering in the grass verges on Ardla Road approaching Ardla Cemetery.

Ardla Road, Milverton

Bad road surface 0

15:20 Aug 18, 2017

This entire stretch of road is in awful condition. This is a small rural area that depends on tourism quite a lot, so it is a shame to have such an awful...


No Street Light 1

15:05 Aug 18, 2017

Street light number 48, Main Road, Forest Hills, Rathcoole, Co Dublin is not working ---- This report was originally submitted at



Two burnt out car 0

14:05 Aug 18, 2017

Hi, There are two burnt out cars left on the bank of Rogerstown estuary. Can these be remove? One of them has been there for some time now and there...

Rogerstown Estuary

Street lighting 0

13:10 Aug 18, 2017

Street light outside no 13 Rathlyon Park has been out for order for about 2 weeks ---- This report was originally submitted at You...



Crash waiting to happen 0

12:40 Aug 18, 2017

This is the second time that i have nearly witnessed a crash at this bend. The line of skinny plastic bollards needs to be extended. Cars coming off the...


Abandoned Signage 0

11:55 Aug 18, 2017

A number of portable advertising signs have been left on the footpath and grass verge beside Balgriffin Hall for some time. Yesterday, they were moved...


Graffiti 0

11:30 Aug 18, 2017

Graffiti on the railway bridge signs ---- This report was originally submitted at You can find it at this alternate address:



Multiple streetlights out 0

11:30 Aug 18, 2017

For almost two weeks there has been no public lighting along Patrick street and the Cork road with almost thirty lights out of action. ---- This report...



Signage 0

10:20 Aug 18, 2017

No criss cross lines outside Tesco or entrance to Seacrest.. Worn away. No warning sign to SLOW from Greystones side on Vevay for schools Pres. Loreto...


Overhanging trees Birdhill Drumconrath 0

10:12 Aug 18, 2017

Overhanging trees at Birdhill Drumconrath. The trees are located between a row of houses at the cul de sac at Birdhill and the road just up from Clarke...

Birdhill Drumconrath

Large Pothole Birdhill Drumconrath 0

09:58 Aug 18, 2017

Large Pothole Birdhill Drumconrath near Clarke rewinds entrance.

Birdhill Drumconrath

Posters erected. 0

09:56 Aug 18, 2017

There are three posters up on poles on R165, the Barricks Meath Hill, R165 Main Street Drumconrath and R162 Library in Nobber. They are advertising an...

R165 Drumconrath and Meath Hill and R162 Library Nobber Co Meath

Street Lighting Duncarraig, Sutton, Dublin 13 1

09:44 Aug 18, 2017

The lamp in the street light outside No. 26 Duncarraig (first house on right hand side as you enter the estate has blown and is no longer operational.

Duncarraig, Sutton, Dublin 13


Street lamp No 9 , Hawthorn View Celbridge W23 DK90 0

09:35 Aug 18, 2017

Street lamp no 9 not working - bulb needs replacing

Street lamp s9


Overhanging tree causing obstruction 1

08:59 Aug 18, 2017

A large tree in the garden near Old Court Lawn Ballycullen is now overhanging on to the footpath on Allenton Road causing a serious obstruction. The same...

Corner of Allenton Road and Old Court Lawn

Pavement Collapsing 0

08:50 Aug 18, 2017

Access pavement to local houses is collapsing into main water waste tunnels. The issue is being caused due to the weight of turning bin lorries that happen...


No road Markings 0

08:23 Aug 18, 2017

The road markings on the R335 from Aasleagh Falls to Louisburgh are fading and no longer visible along a good stretch of this road. This is a busy road,...

R335 Aasleagh Falls

Traffic light timing 1

07:10 Aug 18, 2017

The traffic lights timing need to be reviewed. Regularly only allowing two or three cars exit from park west avenue onto the nangor road. This is a major...


Graffiti on path 1

07:00 Aug 18, 2017

Two areas of path with graffiti ---- This report was originally submitted at You can find it at this alternate address: