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Cutting all over the road 1

14:05 Oct 23, 2020

tractor and tree trimmer cut all the trees along a section of the Killaloonty road and left all the branches scattered all over the road. These need to...

Near 53.512507879709,-8.8699884528033

Dangerous Footpath 0

10:30 Oct 23, 2020

A large section of the footpath at the corner adjacent to no. 28 Beaverbrook has been lifted by tree roots and is a serious trip hazard. ---- This...

Near 53.495957063117,-6.14832274548

Carrownaltore potholes 0

10:26 Oct 23, 2020

There are some bad potholes outside residence in Carrownaltore. The holes are getting steadily worse and becoming dangerous . I would appreciate if you...

Near F23 R202

Pedestrian Safety 0

08:45 Oct 23, 2020

blocked the footpath with a traffic warning sign butterfield avenue. Pedestrians have to walk onto the road to pass the sign. Wheelchairs and buggies...

Near 53.294299879853,-6.3059462163227

Pothole 0

21:55 Oct 22, 2020

Pothole on the east side of the road ---- This report was originally submitted at You can find it at this alternate address:

Near 53.378257942636,-6.4395578895704

Please add signs to gate 0

21:05 Oct 22, 2020

Hi,could you please replace the cctv sign on the top right corner of the gate as it broke in half and also can you add no littering sign please to stop...

Near 53.380261990978,-6.3978711826571

Please fix small brick wall 0

21:05 Oct 22, 2020

Please fix brick wall under gate as it is missing bricks that are vital to support holding up the gate (NOT MUCH WORK NEEDED TOBE DONE JUST PUT ABOUT...

Near 53.38026853317,-6.3978789990448

Please add fence asap 0

20:55 Oct 22, 2020

Please put a fence at the wall to stop people from climbing over the wall they are ruining the grass the bushes and the wall and they are being so noisy...

Near 53.380388696162,-6.4015375371277

Road sign pole knocked over and bent across footpath 1

19:25 Oct 22, 2020

Someone evidently hit one of the parking sign poles and it's now bent such that it is obstructing the footpath. Someone not paying attention or visually...

Near 53.333897,-6.256947

Blocked drains 1

18:35 Oct 22, 2020

Water is gathering in the cul de sac, drains possibly blocked. ---- This report was originally submitted at You can find it at this...

Near 53.18216283188,-6.78727419686

Main street tallanstown 0

18:35 Oct 22, 2020

Hi there, On the length of road over the bridge there are a number of potholes, it really looks like it needs to be resurfaced. There are also a few potholes...

Near 53.920008,-6.547141

Potholes 0

12:45 Oct 22, 2020

Potholes all through this road to my house. ---- This report was originally submitted at You can find it at this alternate address:...

Near 51.697412769484,-8.6505575309532

Road Defect 1

10:30 Oct 22, 2020

I would like to report a defect on the road which I believe has been deteriorating for sometime. The worst part is outside my property with eircode V93A2A8....

Near Rathanane Kilcummin Killarney Kerry V93A2A8

Zebra crossings markings faded 0

09:25 Oct 22, 2020

Zebra crossing markings are in a very bad condition. This crossing is just in front of the advanced fitness gym ---- This report was originally submitted...

Near 53.419832,-6.384626

Walkway 0

20:30 Oct 21, 2020

Walkway has sunken down it is very dangerous to pedestrians now durning these dark days and early nights. -- posted via mobile web

Near Russell's Terrace Kettles Lane Kinsealy,Co Dublin.

Broken rails 0

20:26 Oct 21, 2020

Rails missing from walkway steps...(Very Dangerous) -- posted via mobile web

Near Russell's Terrace Kettles Lane Kinsealy Co Dublin.

Broken pavement needs to be repaired 0

18:03 Oct 21, 2020

Near Entrance to Wendell Avenue left hand side at green area just down from litter bin on footpath Broken pavement needs to be repaired -- posted via...

Wendell Avenue Portmarnock

Onstreet Parking 0

16:05 Oct 21, 2020

Onstreet Parking along the entrance road to Castleland by parents picking up or dropping off their children is causing chaos for residents who live within...

Near 53.602381668816,-6.1791652040079

Bits of branches on road 0

15:05 Oct 21, 2020

Someone came down and cut back the trees along a stretch of the Killaloonty road and left broken branches scattered all over the road. Needs to be cleared...

Near 53.512664182042,-8.8703424828353

Traffic lights not working properly 1

13:35 Oct 21, 2020

The traffic lights at the T junction of Seamount Road and The Hill are sometimes skipping Seamount Road and just alternating between Pedestrian crossing...

Near 53.442182746461,-6.1511633651091