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Water 0

13:42 Oct 15, 2021

Water leak Submitted via EPA/NIECE Smartphone App. #Waste/IllegalDumping -- posted via the public api

Near null

Dumping 0

13:25 Oct 15, 2021

Development of woodland for the purpose of parking and disposal of builders waste, causing the diversion of ground water onto the public road as a result...

Near 55.139898630068,-8.0998913563688

Trip hazard 0

12:35 Oct 15, 2021

Concrete slabs (with raised dimples) missing at pedestrian crossing. ---- This report was originally submitted at You can find it...

Near 53.337752398325,-6.4587685944551

Concrete spill - boot road to N7 East 0

12:00 Oct 15, 2021

As above a truck has spilled concrete onto the road yesterday evening and is causing an obstruction / damage to vehicles -- posted via

Near 53.312077,-6.397535

Pothole 0

11:05 Oct 15, 2021

Pothole when coming from Drogheda on Marsh road and turn off at Mill Road. Pothole at the turn off ---- This report was originally submitted at

Near 53.718078,-6.300699

Entrance into Castlefield Park amaged pillar 0

08:50 Oct 15, 2021

Hi Guys, Please see attached image (no image in report) of damage to left pillar at the entrance into Castlefield Park, Clonsilla, Dublin 15. This damage...

Near 53.383468304393,-6.4151012452846

Motor traffic blocking cycle lane at the traffic lights 0

08:20 Oct 15, 2021

Motor traffic queues up in two lanes, when thereÂ’s only one lane. Cycle lane is fully blocked and traffic overhangs onto the wrong side of the road....

Near 53.38832117566,-6.1508130350281

Broken tarmac around square manhole in the cycle lane 0

08:15 Oct 15, 2021

Metal edges have a couple of inches clearance over the leftover tarmac, anyone who hits it will get a puncture or serious injury. ---- This report...

Near 53.389828,-6.154316

Sunken tarmac 0

07:44 Oct 15, 2021

Tarmac was laid around shore,which has sunk with the shore mow exposed causing a trip hazard -- posted via mobile web

Near D22KN32

Sounder on traffic light not working 1

22:40 Oct 14, 2021

The sounder for the ‘green man’ isn’t working on the lights next to Gala. With autumn/winter sun, it’s difficult to see if there is a green man and...

Near 52.643519573687,-7.242682560157

Damaged road 1

22:23 Oct 14, 2021

Road is in poor repair. Road constantly floods and has overgrown drainage. The Road is full of potholes and is very uneven with grass growing in the middle....

Near V95YW7Y

Damaged traffic lights bollard 1

21:34 Oct 14, 2021

Hi there, One of traffic bollards on the intersection between Hole in the wall road and Clongriffin Main street is damaged. Other 3 bollards on this...

Near Intersection of Hole in the wall road and Clongriffin Main street, Dublin 13

Surface Water L2034 - Kilrush to Doonbeg Rd 1

21:15 Oct 14, 2021

Surface Water is accumulating in large volumes between Kilrush Rugby Club and "Devines Cross" on the L2034 - Kilrush to Doonbeg Road. This happens even...

Near 52.663570391954,-9.501910534055

Potholes Einagh, Doonbeg. 1

20:50 Oct 14, 2021

The potholes have not been filled on this road in several months. Please repair. ---- This report was originally submitted at You...

Near 52.693261762445,-9.5293709228929

Pedestrian Crossing and lights 0

20:45 Oct 14, 2021

Please repaint the pedestrian crossing between the new library (on the junction of Ellen street and Michael Street) and the car park across from it. It...

Near 52.664419953448,-8.62338130984

Radar speed sign 1

20:35 Oct 14, 2021

The new radar speed sign on the weir road is not working. ---- This report was originally submitted at You can find it at this alternate...

Near 53.516415633142,-8.8685274392064

Major pothole on glasnevin hill glasnevin dublin 9 0

20:29 Oct 14, 2021

I would like to report a large pothole at the entrance to the river gardens apartment complex Location of pothole!!! on the left side coming down glasnevin...

Near Glasnevin hill at the River Gardens Apartment Complex entrance

Sewerage manhole overflowing 1

20:01 Oct 14, 2021

Hi - wastewater (sewerage) from a manhole outside the entrance gates to Everton Apartments has been overflowing for 4 days. -- posted via

Near Manhole outside the entrance gates to Everton Apartments

Loose roadsigns post 1

18:50 Oct 14, 2021

The post holding 2x roadsigns on templeville drive (north) approaching Cypress Grove Road, is loose and potentially dangerous. ---- This report was...

Near 53.301579784288,-6.3090925865597

Broken Cycling Bollard - Marino Mart 0

18:39 Oct 14, 2021

Hi, A car clipped the reflector bollard on the cycle lane. It's flapping dangerously into the lane itself. Just outside Joey's school, corner of...

Near St Joeseph's School, Marino, D3