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Potholes 0

15:40 Mar 27, 2020

About 25 potholes along the road for about 1km. Can't drive straight down the road, having to swerve from potholes constantly. ---- This report was...

Near 53.602390013182,-9.1595783882898

Sewage leak 0

15:36 Mar 27, 2020

There seams to be a sewage leak at the rear of 5 Shanganagh Cliffs into the back lane. This has bern brought to the attention on the Estate Management....

Near Shanganagh Cliffs

Large hydraulic oil spillage 1

14:57 Mar 27, 2020

An Oxigen sweeper Lorry burst a hose while sweeping Fairgreen Estate in Saggart on the 27th of Mar 2020. The oil is now getting spread around by people...

Near Fairgreen, Saggart, County Dublin.

Unstable Wall 1

11:47 Mar 27, 2020

Wall bordering my house and public laneway is unstable. -- posted via


Blocked Gully Flooding Road 0

11:23 Mar 27, 2020

I would like to report Damaged/Blocked Gullies. Location:  H91DK0F on main road R339 across from Briarhill National School.    Gully is completely...

Near H91DK0F

potholes 0

08:59 Mar 27, 2020

A large amount of potholes on both side of the road at Attinaskollia, Killasser, Swinford, Co. Mayo. You have to completely stop to drive through them....

Near Attinaskollia, killasser Swinford, Mayo

Safety suggestion 0

08:05 Mar 27, 2020

Due to the continuous amount of accidents at the junction.Possibly move the stop lines at each set of lights back 20 to 30 feet.Would possibly make drivers...

Near 53.979722573888,-6.3935024881292

Road surface damage 1

00:50 Mar 27, 2020

Tarmac surface broken up at junction of Stoney land and Green Lane see photo ---- This report was originally submitted at You can...

Near 53.271684117473,-6.4776733036382

pot holes 0

21:50 Mar 26, 2020

these pot holes will flat some one s wheels one day in springlawn and marless moylough -- posted via mobile web

Near springlawn and marless moylough

Lees road gates 0

19:21 Mar 26, 2020

Entrance to Lees road I live on drumcliffe road and driving home from work this evening with the amount of cars parkedgeree along the road as the clare...

Near Drumcliffe road

Killakee Grove broken paths and transient increased after recent path resurface Ballycullen Ave 0

17:04 Mar 26, 2020

Asphalt / concrete uneven and dipping in areas, broken verge concrete outside number 24. Surface unsuitable for bikes, wheelchairs buggies. Path along...

Near No 24-26 Killakee Grove, Firhouse, Dublin 24

Footpath Repair 2

15:26 Mar 26, 2020

ESB Networks conduct regular Public Safety Hazard Patrols on all of our network assets. On a recent patrol of our minipillar population, in your council...

Near 2 ramleh close, dublin

Water leak out of water meter 1

15:05 Mar 26, 2020

Constant stream of water out of water meters -- posted via

Near Scholarstown road

Sunken path 1

13:25 Mar 26, 2020

The path is sunken and uneven at the corner of hillcrest way and hillcrest lawns. A number of people have tripped. ---- This report was originally...

Near 53.34984,-6.456527

No drainage/large pools of water building when rain 2

13:20 Mar 26, 2020

Hi - outside 67/68 Harty Place there is a large accumulation of water after rain. I think there used to be a drain here that was covered until within...

Near 53.335041976301,-6.2726783412792

Loose manhole cover 0

22:25 Mar 25, 2020

Loose manhole cover on the road (opposite the Bishops palace) ---- This report was originally submitted at You can find it at this...

Near 54.117250819506,-9.144675210913

Suspect mains Water leak 1

19:25 Mar 25, 2020

Leak on right hand side of lane approx 700 metres down lane. Opposite Murphys house after mine Noel Guilfoyle R51K006. ---- This report was originally...

Near 53.143197261766,-6.9286306991411

Grass needs to be moved back from road edges 2

19:15 Mar 25, 2020

Grass growing across lane needs to be shoveled back. Road narrowed by 3 foot in places ---- This report was originally submitted at

Near 53.140018086247,-6.9321712150434

Pothole 2 feet wide 0

15:50 Mar 25, 2020

Large pothole on the road ---- This report was originally submitted at You can find it at this alternate address:

Near 51.927941995981,-8.2380420382685

Pothole 0

15:45 Mar 25, 2020

Big pothole here on the corner ---- This report was originally submitted at You can find it at this alternate address:

Near 51.919538928821,-8.2370549781638