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Sign Post 0

13:17 Jun 28, 2017

License Ref No OPS FP 0020 We have recently paid for the up keep of this signpost and its falling off. Ashborough Lodge, Lyre Road, Milltown, Co. Kerry


Road in need of resurfacing 0

11:05 Jun 28, 2017

As outlined before the road from the top of the hill on the stradbally road where you can turn up the rock of dunamaise running to portlaoise town is...

stradbally Road, Portlaoise, Laois

Speed Limit 0

10:57 Jun 28, 2017

There was an article in the paper in relation to speed limits and living in the town they are fine as they are but the one I have to object to is Beladd...

Beladd, Stradbally Road, Portlaoise, Laois

Bad dangerous road 1

10:30 Jun 28, 2017

Use this road daily so dangerous loads of traffic very narrow . Some parts of road fallen into stream .New barriers up but really this doesn't help...

Kilcock co Meath L 6219. Newtownmoyaghy

Damaged Sign - Bray Retail Park Roundabout 0

09:07 Jun 28, 2017

It appears a car has damaged a sign at the roundabout leading up to Bray Retail Park. The sign will need to be replaced.

Roundabout leading up to Bray Retail Park

Numerous potholes 0

08:52 Jun 28, 2017

Hi, I reported potholes here a number of weeks ago and they haven't been fixed. This section of road is in much worse condition now. Potholes are unavoidable...


Dangerous pothole 0

01:20 Jun 28, 2017

There is a dangerous, quite large pothole on road. Same side as the new GAA pitch outside the driveway of the 3rd house heading towards Mallow. Numerous...


shrubbery on lane behind 65 moreen avenue 0

22:24 Jun 27, 2017

The lane between houses 71 to 52 moreen avenue and 14 to 24 Moreen Lawn is overgrown with shrubbery and it is preventing the residents from accessing...

lane at back of Moreen avenue and moreen lawn

Road sign facing wrong way 0

21:00 Jun 27, 2017

Road sign is facing wrong way on mt carmel road outside no 4 ---- This report was originally submitted at You can find it at this alternate...


Poor road surface condition 0

16:40 Jun 27, 2017

At Kiln Road, the zigzag to get up the hill and the 20-30m afterwards towards Killeens has a very bad surface condition, adverse camber and bumps which...


Illegal parking in area 0

15:51 Jun 27, 2017

There is illegal parking in my lane

Richmond place south

Loose slab 1

14:30 Jun 27, 2017

There is a loose slab/tile on the footpath outside the dentist before you turn the corner to the gym. If it raining , the rain stores underneath it and...


Excessive water 0

14:13 Jun 27, 2017

The manholes on the road have not been cleared of silt leaves etc?, I got all my drains flushed out, the plumber said the problem is on the road, I've...

35 Moy Heights, Ballina, County Mayo

Large puddle 0

14:10 Jun 27, 2017

Following recent footpath widening a large puddle now forms on the roadway next to the footpath following heavy rain. Vehicles rounding the corner splash...


Pothole in road 0

12:56 Jun 27, 2017

Pothole in road outside 5 St. Aongus Lawn, Tymon North, Tallaght, Dublin 24. Rapidly getting bigger as the days go on.

st aongus lawn

Broken utility covers on 0

12:40 Jun 27, 2017

Outside no 37 there is a manhole cover which is broken and has sunk below the level of the pavement. This is an accident waiting to happen. ---- This...


bus shelters obscure view of emerging traffic 0

12:31 Jun 27, 2017

On emerging from the Aldi shopping centre in Mulhuddart a bus shelter advertising hoarding obscures the view of traffic approaching from the city direction....

Mulhudddart to east of entrance to Aldi

Path broken up 0

11:45 Jun 27, 2017

Path broken up and collapsing dangerous to pedestrians, buggies and wheelchairs. ---- This report was originally submitted at You...


The 1

11:05 Jun 27, 2017

The H water hydrant sign has been dislodged and is sitting proud of the grass outside 12 Eaton Wood Green, Shankill, Dublin 18. Needs to be reset

12 Eaton Wood Green

Road Damaged 0

10:22 Jun 27, 2017

Beamore Road, Drogheda part of the road is in bad condition

Beamore Road Drogheda Co Meath