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New Crossing Lights 0

15:06 Oct 18, 2019

I would like to request a new pedestrian crossing on Blanchardstown road south, crossing over to Millennium Park at Mountview road. there is 1 crossing...

Near Mountview Road crossing over Blanchardstown road south to Park on the Fortlawn side.

Potholes 0

12:10 Oct 18, 2019

Large deep potholes Tourmakeady, Greenaun, down the Glensaul valley road -- posted via mobile web

Near Glensaul valley road

Traffic Management 0

12:10 Oct 18, 2019

There is a crossroad intersecting Castlegate Terrace and Castlegate Copse with no traffic management. The area is right outside two schools and exceptionally...

Near 53.336787,-6.46182

Parking- Need Double Yellow Lines 0

09:40 Oct 18, 2019

Need more double yellow lines on this road, it has become extremely dangerous driving in out of Station Court view, cars are parked the whole way long...

Near 53.379503339657,-6.3957464362368

Broken & uneven paths 0

00:40 Oct 18, 2019

The path all along the street are in desperate need of relaying. The paths are different levels and do not meet the road properly. These are a hazard...

Near 53.292421425802,-6.34171636948

Traffic lights 1

23:03 Oct 17, 2019

Flashing amber arrow for turning left from Old Bridge Road to Templeogue Road is not working -- posted via

Near Templeogue Road

Stream beside road undermining road - 4ft drop 0

18:30 Oct 17, 2019

Had a recent accident where a truck and car attempted to pass each other - car ended stuck in 1ft ditch as truck had to avoid 4ft cliff ditch caused by...

Near 51.708863474046,-8.6813654440011

Scrub growth blocking pavement 0

18:15 Oct 17, 2019

Owner of vacant dwelling refuses despite a number of verbal requests to trim hedge , the pavement is completely blocked , this is in contravention of...

Near 53.266920725624,-9.087375674606

Faulty light and dangerous foothpath 0

18:00 Oct 17, 2019

Pole no 17 has no light and path outside 225 Brackenstown Road needs urgent attention - very dangerous -- posted via mobile web

Near Brackenstown Road Swords Co Dublin

Pothole 0

17:54 Oct 17, 2019

Large pothole road outside house -- posted via mobile web

Near Drumady Claremorris

Yield sign destroyed 0

13:42 Oct 17, 2019

Yield signed broken off -- posted via

Near Exit from Pallas on to Link road

Big pothole in Ramparts car park 0

13:04 Oct 17, 2019

There is a big pothole in the Ramparts Car Park in Dundalk where Louth County Council charges for parking. It is near the Dublin Street exit. -- posted...

Near Ramparts Car Park

Street light 0

12:31 Oct 17, 2019

Light not working on Pole no 17 eeeBrackenstown Road also foot path in urgent need of repair -- posted via mobile web

Near Pole No 17 on Brackenstown Rd path in urgent need of repairs also

Potholes 0

12:04 Oct 17, 2019

A number of potholes have developed in Sandfield. The road surface in place is temporary and the final tarred layer was never put down. -- posted via...

Near sandfield carlow

Trench cut into road from water flow. 1

11:11 Oct 17, 2019

On the L10612 outside the driveway of house V92K2HF a trench has been cut into the road from the constant water flow after rain. It is approximately 2...

Near V92K2HF, Tralee Co Kerry.

Path trip hazard 0

10:20 Oct 17, 2019

Path broken and lifted ---- This report was originally submitted at You can find it at this alternate address:

Near 53.279889,-6.305589

Speed ramp badly damaged 1

09:35 Oct 17, 2019

Hi, the speed ramp on the entrance to the estate is very badly damaged from the last two winters of snow clearing. As such its causing damage to the cars...

Near 53.176958213755,-6.5302078143036

Large potholes 0

00:05 Oct 17, 2019

Large potholes on the road. Heavy rain has eroded them even deeper recently, making them a hazard for cars. ---- This report was originally submitted...

Near 53.608011,-8.609408

Path damaged & dangerous 0

23:20 Oct 16, 2019

Path on the field side of the road, just before the junction with Tamarisk Grove is severely damaged around a small utilities cover. Tarmac has degraded...

Near 53.302742084723,-6.3611553417428

Track in the road 0

20:10 Oct 16, 2019

Track in the road outside Fingallians GAA club. It's tarmac that has sunk down creating a bump for both side of road ---- This report was originally...

Near 53.465591061005,-6.2130406197121