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Broken paving around manhole covers 0

16:40 Aug 15, 2018

There are 2 manhole covers with broken paving outside no. 22 and 23 The Park, Wolstan Haven. They are at the entrance/exits of driveways and are are risk...

Near 53.343223702405,-6.5504901029295

Path at 238 and 237 Sutton Park 0

16:14 Aug 15, 2018

The path at above was marked by the County Council to be repaired for trip hazards etc a number of weeks ago. This appears to have been done along with...

Near 237 Sutton Park

Multiple potholes 0

16:10 Aug 15, 2018

Multiple potholes on road. ---- This report was originally submitted at You can find it at this alternate address:

Near 53.480927435654,-8.0404182532496

Pot hole 0

15:41 Aug 15, 2018

large pot hole on a corner -- posted via

Near Derrynacross, Killeshandra, Co Cavan

Dangerous bike lanes 0

15:05 Aug 15, 2018

The bike lanes are very dangerous on both the sides of the leapordstown road. There are loads of bumps/splits on the road which pose threat to losing...

Near 53.272352249868,-6.2025636963193

R327 Welcome to Mayo sign 0

14:41 Aug 15, 2018

Hi, Would it be possible to re-instate the boundary welcome sign back on the R327 at the border with Roscommon near the river? (Going towards Claremorris)...

Near Border of Mayo with Roscommon on R327

Poor Reinstatement of road opening 0

13:05 Aug 15, 2018

Last year the road was opened to complete some works (near Leibig). The road has not been reinstated to proper standards. As a cyclists it's putting me...

Near 52.099395980819,-9.7475633897403

Park bench maintenance 0

12:48 Aug 15, 2018

Park bench maintenance -- posted via the public api

Near Waterside

Poor Road Reinstatement 0

12:45 Aug 15, 2018

Please note that the recent reinstatement of the road openings on behalf of irish Water on the northern side of Castlemaine Village (N70) is of a poor...

Near 52.16956721839,-9.6980072573375

Road Markings faded on approach to roundabout 0

12:40 Aug 15, 2018

The road markings on the abbeyleix road approaching the roundabout are completely faded. This roundabout is dangerous enough without people being able...

Near 53.031962,-7.302243

Illegal dumping 3

12:33 Aug 15, 2018

Illegal dumping of large mound of soil and stone on road way, grass verge and footpath. Blocking road and footpath access and street drain. -- posted...

Near Hillcrest Park Lucan

Harolds Cross Bridge 1

11:35 Aug 15, 2018

South side of harolds cross bridge has poor road surface after road works and open, deep pothole with metal in it. Dangerous for cyclists and motorcyclists....

Near 53.329499587323,-6.2755673478592

Pavement 1

10:55 Aug 15, 2018

There is a Telecoms manhole cover on the pavement between Dr. Moodley premises and the launderette opposite Lord mayor pub. The pavement around this manhole...

Near 53.453301807799,-6.2240202797207

Stones falling from wall 1

10:10 Aug 15, 2018

The low wall outside Malahide Community School is bulging and stones are now being pushed out onto the footpath ---- This report was originally submitted...

Near 53.443108,-6.151568

Yield road sign/pole knocked over 0

22:50 Aug 14, 2018

The Yield road sign/pole has been knocked over at the entrance to Lanndale Lawns, Tallaght -- posted via

Near lanndale lawns

Stones/gravel on cycle path 1

22:05 Aug 14, 2018

There is an amount of small stones on the segregated cycle path, next to the canal lock gates on Wilton Terrace. This is potentially dangerous to cyclists....

Near 53.333766,-6.247605

Road at risk of subsidance 1

20:58 Aug 14, 2018

There is a section of the L2035 that is subsiding into a deep ditch at the location pinpointed on the map. There is a real risk here of the road subsiding...

Near L2035 Between Taylorstown & Clonown, Roscommon

Path has no dished kerb 0

20:25 Aug 14, 2018

The footpath leading from Kilnamanagh loop road to the M50 junction has a sheer kerb instead of dished. This makes it very hard to mount as a cyclist...

Near Loop Road, Kilnamanagh, Dublin 24

Illegal resign of path 0

20:00 Aug 14, 2018

Owner of house dig up the grass verge outside his home and concreted it. He drives a truck over it and now it is all broken up. He didn't request with...

Near Rossmore lawns templeogue

Pothole on Templeogue Road Cycle track 0

18:53 Aug 14, 2018

Hi I hit a pothole today on a cycle track on the Templeogue Road going from Tallaght towards Terenure. Flipped and landed on the road. As well as...

Near templeogue road