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Traffic sign hidden by trees 0

16:40 Aug 19, 2019

Bus lane traffic sign hidden by trees near junction of Castleknock Road and Ashleigh Green direction TO Castleknock. ---- This report was originally...

Near 53.379780778213,-6.3680529875682

Broken concrete surround. 0

16:40 Aug 19, 2019

There's a broken concrete surround outside the gate of 41 Bushfield Drive, Clondalkin, Dublin 22.It's surrounding a telecom cover on the grass verge....

Near 41 Bushfield Drive, Clondalkin, Dublin 22

Footpath blocked. 0

16:35 Aug 19, 2019

Footpath on College Road Castleknock between Carpenterstown Road junction and College Grove along the perimeter wall of Castleknock College is blocked...

Near 53.368195495644,-6.3644266553493

Risk of accident 0

15:42 Aug 19, 2019

Dangerous subsidence on road, getting deeper -- posted via

Near R340 at screeb connemara

Large Pothole 1

14:55 Aug 19, 2019

Large pothole on brow of hill ---- This report was originally submitted at You can find it at this alternate address:

Near 53.779279467508,-6.5349406504036

Road subsiding? 1

14:25 Aug 19, 2019

I think the road is subsiding in this area, driving over it daily seems to be getting worse, a lot of cars now crossing to other side of the road to avoid...

Near 52.919768471869,-6.7448671072683

Blocked shore 0

13:30 Aug 19, 2019

There is a long small shore on path beside the bus stop at Okra Green/Mandarin Castle that is completely blocked with weeds so that rain water cannot...

Near 53.372929,-6.362717

Footpath defect 0

12:13 Aug 19, 2019

Footpath has sunken down on walkway leading into Russell's Terrace Kettles Lane kinsealy.(Very Dangerous)needs immediate attention before someone hurts...

Near Walkway off Russell's Terrace Kettles Lane Kinsealy

Speed Ramps Broken 0

11:31 Aug 19, 2019

Two speed ramps are loose on the road, previous poor repairs adding to the obsticle. -- posted via

Near Tyrrelstown

Overgrown brush and shrubs 0

10:50 Aug 19, 2019

Shrubs and brush are badly overgrown on this section of the killaloonty road as you enter it from weir road. Can yo ask your hedge cutting crew to cut...

Near 53.515918820689,-8.871318218251

via Twitter - hi folks, abandoned railings on Scholarstown Road, D 16. Near Temploroan roundabout. TKS 0

08:57 Aug 19, 2019

@FixYourStreet hi folks, abandoned railings on Scholarstown Road, D 16. Near Temploroan roundabout. TKS -- received via Twitter...

N/A - Please see description and/or map

Road defect 2

22:25 Aug 18, 2019

Deep ruts on Terenure Road East close to junction with Healthfield Road, on left hand side going towards Rathgar;potential hazard to cyclists. ----...

Near 53.309973006789,-6.2811414153775

Potholes 0

21:55 Aug 18, 2019

Lots of large deep potholes ---- This report was originally submitted at You can find it at this alternate address:

Near 52.011029095773,-8.6444374350399

Path defect 0

17:11 Aug 18, 2019

At 7 & 8 Elderberry, Finnstown Priory, Lucan Co.Dublin there needs to be repairs done to the concrete surrounding the two shores. One is a telecom eireann...

Near 7 & 8 Elderberry,Finnstown Priory,Lucan,Co.Dublin

Ditch 0

11:35 Aug 18, 2019

Ditches over grown,the face of the ditches are over grown scratching the car s driving up the road, could the council contact the owners to cut them back...

Near 52.875991,-6.205353

Missing manhole cover 2

10:50 Aug 18, 2019

Missing manhole cover on footpath is very dangerous as there is a long drop down to sewer. ---- This report was originally submitted at

Near 53.352692493632,-6.2941230240668

Road markings needed on the roundabout 0

10:35 Aug 18, 2019

Road markings are needed on Coldcut road/Neilston Road roundabout showing what lane to use when going straight (remaining on Coldcut Road) roundabout...

Near 53.347927546043,-6.3977159457969

Graffiti, litter and broken kerb 1

00:44 Aug 18, 2019

1)Fresh graffiti on the side wall of 15 Allenton Road, Firhouse. Needs to be removed with an industrial machine. 2)A council bin is needed in the old...

Near 15 allenton road

Blocked road gulley 0

19:20 Aug 17, 2019

A blocked road gully is causing accumulated muck as shown on map/photos. Two gulleys may be blocked on the same line. ---- This report was originally...

Near 53.99556861241,-7.3541815344742

No footpath accessing Dunnes Stores Ongar 0

18:19 Aug 17, 2019

I wish to draw your attention to the pedestrian access to Dunnes Stores in Ongar Village. As the entrance from Ongar Main Street into Dunnes Stores has...

Near Ongar