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Estate completely flooded 2

00:10 Oct 20, 2017

The first cul de sac and all the way up towards the entrance of the street close to the tall tree's is impassable by foot with flood water. We contacted...


Storm drain blocked 2

15:10 Oct 18, 2017

The storm drain at this location is not draining and is backing up for homes on Maxwell road. I had a drain cleaning company show me and asked me to report...


Water Meter Leak 2

09:51 Oct 18, 2017

At no 22 Colthurst Crescent the water meter seems to always have a minor puddle around it, no matter how dry the rest of the footpath.

Colthurst Crescent

Blocked Drain 2

09:41 Oct 18, 2017

The drain outside address with eircode F23 Y194 is blocked and floods to footpath/house level with heavy rain. As more rain is forecast for the weekend...

4 castlegrove

Blocked Sewers 2

21:45 Oct 16, 2017

The sewer in the car park outside No.14 Seagrange Road is blocked and near over flowing. This would be a huge health risk to all residents in the area,...


Blocked sewer affecting Seagrange Road 2-12, Baldoyle 2

21:30 Oct 16, 2017

There is a blocked sewer on the street leading from 2-12 Seagrange Road. Sewerage levels are high in all drains from the house, but no blockage detected....

Seagrange Road 2-12, Baldoyle. Dublin 13

Blocked Drains 2

19:41 Oct 16, 2017

Drains blocked at street affecting numbers 2-12 Seagrange Road, Baldoyle

2-12 Seagrange Road, Baldoyle

Smell of KEROSENE from sewer 4

20:15 Oct 15, 2017

There is a smell of kerosene coming from the sewer manhole on the path outside Barrington Court. Very strong smell of kerosene also coming into our downstairs...


Water 2

10:20 Oct 14, 2017

Hello. Reporting a blocked sewage drain. For the past 3 weeks a public sewer has been blocked outside ours houses on the public road. It is currently...


Sewerage leaking out onto road 2

09:25 Oct 12, 2017

There is a man hole cover leaking sewerage out onto the road and running down into the rain water drains. ---- This report was originally submitted...


A water leak 1

13:25 Oct 11, 2017

Water is leaking from the position marked - the water is running down hill to oldbridge causing flooding there this was reported before ---- This...


rats problem 3

16:03 Oct 09, 2017

this is a ongoing problem ,but the increase in the rat population is at epidemic proporation in the area ,Largely due to the rats coming from captains...

captains road crumlin

Possible Mains leak - water 2

00:20 Oct 07, 2017

Possible mains water leak outside Dean's Grange Cemetery near what used be Anne Kelly's Flower Shop (opposite Grange Terrace). (Trunk main at this location)...


Water 1

14:20 Oct 06, 2017

there is a layer of oil like liquid on surface of ballinrobe river near access gate to main road (cushlough rd). there was a recent clean up on this river...


Sewerage spilling onto street 2

22:30 Oct 05, 2017

The sewerage is coming up onto the street at the top of de selby rise in tallaght.

De selby rise. Tallaght. Dublin 24

Blocked Rainwater Gullies 2

11:40 Oct 04, 2017

Many of the rainwater gullies in Drogheda are blocked, including almost all of those in Magdalene Street and the Rope Walk ---- This report was originally...


Blocked Sewage Drain 3

07:18 Oct 03, 2017

The main sewage pipe on the path outside my house is full of small stones. The stones have flowed down the sewage drain from houses further up the street...

1 Moylaragh Way Balbriggan

Naul Bridge - Delvin river 2

11:33 Oct 02, 2017

Build up of soil and mud on bridge causes 1. Flooding 2. safety risk as it reduces space for pedestrians to cross as no footpath available and vehicles...

Naul Bridge, Naul

Cover broken 2

08:55 Oct 02, 2017

Fingal CC mowers smashed this cover about 2 months ago. Assumed they would arrange prompt repair, but nothing done. Cover to inspection chamber of undergrounded...


Path broken down 3

11:05 Oct 01, 2017

Path is damaged due to bad repair at water main connection on path. Please repair properly ---- This report was originally submitted at