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Busted water pipe 2

17:23 Oct 17, 2019

Leaking busted pipe -- posted via mobile web

Near Seatown road swords co.dublin

Storm drain needs jetting, road is flooding 1

10:29 Oct 17, 2019

This busy rural Galway road is regularly flooding at the location shown on the map. The storm drain here, which was installed by the council about 8...

Near Between eircodes H54 NV30 and H54 PT18

Illegal dumping 2

14:48 Oct 16, 2019

The Heywood road close to the Halting site is an absolute disgrace at the minute. The road is covered in rubbish, There is bags of clothes dumped there....

Near Clonmel

Powerful sewer smell 5

14:12 Oct 16, 2019

Our offices here are suffering from a dreadful sewer smell since mid morning. This does not appear to be coming from the bathrooms. I have check with...

Near W23NY90

No water since 9am 16th October 1

13:15 Oct 16, 2019

No mains water ---- This report was originally submitted at You can find it at this alternate address:

Near 53.374887,-6.35811

Water 2

19:34 Oct 12, 2019

No water in Kennel lane,Faithlegg since Friday evening.. Submitted via EPA/NIECE Smartphone App. #Water -- posted via the public api

Near N/A

Sewer smell issue 1

23:50 Oct 11, 2019

There is a constantly bad sewer smell coming from any of the shores or drains on the road. Many households have also reported the issue of drains smelling...

Near 53.278064121581,-6.3186778134911

Water 2

18:04 Oct 11, 2019

Had to stop my dog from drinking from the river Camac due to pollution. This is a common occurrence and is probably coming from a car wash up stream....

Near N/A

Burst water main 2

20:58 Oct 07, 2019

Water coming from hydrant on main road outside residents at no.6 Colecot cottages, Lusk. Water is discharging into surface water drain. -- posted via...

Near Colecot Cottages, Lusk

Blocked drain 1

18:10 Sep 30, 2019

There is a blocked drain at rear of 12 Tara close ashbourne. I have been told by neighbour this is due to tree roots at 10 tara close ,I think, on

Near 53.503384,-6.39835

Water leak 1

17:05 Sep 30, 2019

Outside Arnotts on Liffey street there is water leaking from small shore ItÂ’s between Cex and Arnotts Lane way -- posted via

Near Liffey Street Dublin

water leak 3

13:35 Sep 26, 2019

water leak on upper liffey street between Arnotts and CEX -- posted via

Near upper liffey street

Grey water discharge onto the Blackwater Way, Fermoy 2

15:40 Sep 23, 2019

There is a pipe discharging grey waste water directly on to the Blackwater Way. The waste from a washing machine is being discharged and leeching into...

Near 52.132669432118,-8.2991562843074

Missing SV cover and Broken SV Pillar 2

09:55 Sep 18, 2019

Cover missing from Sluice Valve. Concrete Pillar marking Location of SV knocked over. Both are located in a green field and are a trip hazard for children...

Near Geen area located beside 37 Idrone Drive, Knocklyon

Sewage leaking 1

20:58 Sep 13, 2019

There possibly sewage leaking from a mahole opp number 85/87 Sandyford Road , Dundrum , this is leaking a few weeks and is flowing down the middle of...

Near Opp 85/87 Sandyford Road , Dundrum, Dublin

Water leak onto path 2

10:05 Sep 11, 2019

Extensive surface water(?) leak from adjoining property onto path at bus stop on north side of Main Street, opposite St Sylvesters Church. Path now constantly...

Near 53.450421,-6.155093

Vermin 2

12:50 Sep 09, 2019

Rat seen on road and in back garden of house -- posted via mobile web

Near 9 oakview ave clonsilla dublin 15

Blocked pipe 1

19:32 Sep 04, 2019

writes with a problem of clogged pipes at the River Village estate. For several days, the pipes have been blocked on the section from house number 130...

Near River Village 120 and downstreeat

Leaking pipe 1

17:54 Sep 04, 2019

Water leaking from under the path between number 7 and 8 Ballyowen Avenue Lucan Co Dublin -- posted via mobile web

Near 8 Ballyowen Avenue, Lucan Co Dublin

Water 1

12:04 Sep 03, 2019

water main leak appeared again yesterday, at junction of st Ita's terrace and station road.. Submitted via EPA/NIECE Smartphone App. #Water -- posted...

Near N/A