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Tractor required to trim hedging on Warren Green 0

13:55 Oct 15, 2021

As per agreement the hedging at the entrance on both sides and also the hedging on the green would be trimmed annually with the tractor appliance. Thanks...

Near 53.394033892539,-6.1251117917646

Holes dug - trip hazard 0

13:05 Oct 15, 2021

Holes have been dug throughout the green area in particular beside the playground area. I have been informed that this was done by a resident of the area.....

Near 53.321613328143,-6.3345048206783

Street Sweeper Needed 2

10:50 Oct 15, 2021

Road Sweeper needed throughout Castlesize Estate to remove large volume of leaves -- posted via

Near castlesize estate, sallins, co. kildare

Urgent Grass Cutting 0

07:20 Oct 15, 2021

Please cut the grass in the open green area as it is extremely unsafe and needs to be cut asap as it is a health and safety issue.Large overgrown hedges...

Near 53.381659288228,-6.4027710402708

Please cut hedges back 0

17:20 Oct 14, 2021

Please cut the hedges back to the fence as they are very far out from the fence causing pedestrians difficulty seeing cars approaching. ---- This...

Near 53.376070320553,-6.4057749726203

Leaves ++ 0

15:55 Oct 14, 2021

Road sweeper please Kirkpatrick Drive D15 Leaves ++ -- posted via mobile web

Near Kirkpatrick Drine D15

Overgrown wall climbers blocking paths 0

15:05 Oct 14, 2021

There are wall climbers planted along the wall on the main Delgany Wood road that serves as the back garden wall of the houses in Cherry Rise. These climbers...

Near 53.13593946832,-6.0828363643336

Dangerous ,damaged overgrown evergreen tree 1

10:35 Oct 14, 2021

There is an enormous ever green tree with a number of dead branches and damaged bark which would cause extensive damage if they fell on residents, houses...

Near 53.278638303686,-6.2980511367738

Trees 0

08:45 Oct 14, 2021

The trees on church Road are way too tall. They need a proper lobbing.. They are top heavy and sway.. Esp near shops.. And in front AIB bank the path...

Near 53.450423,-6.153521

Overgrown Tree Huntstown avenue 0

08:23 Oct 14, 2021

Overgrown tree between 13 & 15 Huntstown avenue -- posted via mobile web

Near Huntstown avenue

Overgrown hedges HaroldÂ’s Cross Road 1

13:39 Oct 13, 2021

I am writing in relation to overgrown hedges that are obstructing the footpath on HaroldÂ’s Cross Road. I walk this path daily and have often witnessed...

Near Harolds Cross Road

Tree Leaning 1

23:26 Oct 12, 2021

The tree outside no 3 Redwood Rise is Leaning. It has been getting worse over the last number of years and is now at risk of falling during high winds....

Near 3 redwood rise

Tree blocking view 1

23:20 Oct 12, 2021

Tree needs to be trimmed as it blocks view of road for pedestrians ---- This report was originally submitted at You can find it at...

Near 53.34206299237,-6.324693413478

Grass overgrown on path and build up of weeds 1

22:02 Oct 12, 2021

Grass overgrown on path and moss grown on pathways whichs causes slipping on wet days... Tree also overgrown and hanging which obstructes your right...

Near The right size corner and pathway leading in the old court view cul de sac entering old court view ballycullen

Overgrown Bushes 1

19:35 Oct 12, 2021

The small patch of grass is such an eyesore. Bushes have never been cut, or maintained and itÂ’s full of rats. No place for the children on the road to...

Near 53.347005155787,-6.3990877393033

Tree prunning 1

15:21 Oct 12, 2021

The very large tree outside No 26 Myrtle Park ,is now requiring a heavy prune. It was over 4 years since it was last done, and it was agreed to be done...

Near 26 Myrtle Park

overgrown buddleia bushes cycle lane 1

13:18 Oct 12, 2021

low hanging and encroaching bushes on cycle lane from Cabinteely to cornelscourt on the northbound cycle lane , first reported 3 weeks ago by phone ,...

Near n11 cabinteely

Tree Maintenance 1

11:29 Oct 12, 2021

Trees along the road that goes through St Annes housing state in Kimmage (near the KCR). They need to be pruned back massively. There is physical and...

Near st annes, kimmage

Overgrown bushes in field 1

10:20 Oct 12, 2021

They have never been maintained and are massively overgrown. SDCC have cut the grass etc. in that field, but bushes have been left. We have had a problem...

Near 53.346951,-6.398991

231 rusheeny avenue Hartstown dublin 15 0

10:05 Oct 12, 2021

Over grown tree its dropping black gundge and its destroying my cars and garden it is impossible to get it off ---- This report was originally submitted...

Near 53.399299010817,-6.4221193210122