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Overgrown tree 1

13:22 Oct 23, 2020

I want to report a large tree on the street outside house 173 St James Road, Greenhills. It is at angle from years of storms and may be at risk of coming...

Near 173 st jamess road

Fallen leaves 1

09:55 Oct 23, 2020

Lots of leaves on woodford drive , itÂ’s very slippery especially for motorbikes & bicycles. Can the road sweeper come & sort it out ? ---- This report...

Near 53.322104680859,-6.3811071791531

Walking paths clearance 1

09:34 Oct 23, 2020

Dear Sir /Madam I would like that the paths alone Dodder View road would be cleaned of weeds/grass encroaching on the walkway along the river. The path...

Near Dodder view Riad inner paths

Leaves 1

08:22 Oct 23, 2020

I live at Berryfield Finnstown priory lucan Co Dublin and the place is completely swamped with leaves. They are very slippy on the roads and could cause...

Near Berryfield Finnstown priory lucan Co Dublin

Maintenance along park 1

07:40 Oct 23, 2020

Hi, please could you cut back all the overgrown weeds and plants from the park that are now coming onto the path on Grace Park Rd. The path is not very...

Near 53.368143,-6.250091

Bushes overgown 0

01:05 Oct 23, 2020

The plants on the side of the walkway are overgrown and people must walk on the cycle path. There is a risk of injury as pedestrians and cyclists are...

Near 53.443486516009,-6.209897848495

Grass cut and rolled 1

21:49 Oct 22, 2020

Can you please cut grass and get a roller to smooth out the green please as it's very lumpy and bumpy(trip Hazzard) especially since we cannot leave 5km...

Near 213 Moyville Ballyboden

overgrown trees. 0

10:29 Oct 22, 2020

trees have not been maintained for 13 years in cul de sac opposite 33 Briarwood lawn mulhuddart blocking street light and daylight on housing beside them....

Near cul deal sac Briarwood lawn mulhuddart.

Overgrown trees 0

21:21 Oct 21, 2020

Trees on lissenhall drive overgrowing Lissen hall court needs felling or pruning, branches hitting off vans and bin trucks, damage caused to pavement...

Near Lissen hall swords

Road sweeping 1

16:30 Oct 21, 2020

Road sweeping needed for willington Lawn and osprey road due to falling leaves making it dangerous underfoot. ---- This report was originally submitted...

Near 53.300972737016,-6.3259991095234

Road sweeping 1

16:25 Oct 21, 2020

Leaves falling dangerous underfoot. Road sweeping needed on willington lawn and osprey road ---- This report was originally submitted at

Near 53.301559591123,-6.3263194439404

Tree's cut & left behind by Council 1

12:05 Oct 21, 2020

The light beside our house was fixed/replaced with the new LCD Light bulbs. In order to do this the workers cut back the trees & hedges. These were left...

Near Side of 70/78 Airlie Heights

Blocked signs 0

10:50 Oct 21, 2020

All the signs are badly blocked with the overgrown trees making it very dangerous. ---- This report was originally submitted at You...

Near 53.729613,-6.400181

Tree debris 0

14:02 Oct 20, 2020

There is a pile of tree debris that needs to be collected please - itÂ’s from the woodland areas on the green between Park Drive Close and Park Drive...

Near Park Drive Close, Castleknock, Dublin 15

Tree and footpaths 2

13:55 Oct 20, 2020

Hi, the tree outside my house has become hollow on the inside and I fear that it will crack and fall. Also the footpaths on both sides of the tree need...

Near 8 Glenmaroon Road, Palmerstown, Dublin 20

Trees on Carpenterstown Ave at the entrance to Maple Drive 0

12:45 Oct 20, 2020

There are 2 trees that have grown way too big and are overhanging in to my garden at 1 Maple Drive They need to be trimmed back to half their size or...


Bushes now overgrown on College Road, near Marlay Park, Dublin 16 0

12:41 Oct 20, 2020

M50 went in. Granite wall built. Metal barrier erected on LHS going west. All very good stuff. Then, BUSHES were sown between metal barrier and granite...

Near College Road, Dublin 16

Trees blocking street light from lighting footpath on opposite side of road 33-36 sean lios 0

11:55 Oct 20, 2020

Trees in front of houses 33-36 Sean Lios are blocking the street light on the opposite side of road from lighting up the foothpath in front of the houses.I...

Near 52.676641,-6.299887

Grass length on green 0

11:05 Oct 20, 2020

Hi,whenever the grass is cut on our green it is never done short enough and there is so much left behind after he cuts. my kids runners are ruined because...

Near 53.458013,-6.224598

Tree cutting 1

10:06 Oct 20, 2020

A company is outside my house cutting one if my trees which I am delighted but there are two trees and their only down to cut one,i need both done, address...

Near Firhouse