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Hedges are Very Overgrown 1

15:25 Jan 21, 2022

Hi, the hedging in the council owned park beside our house is very overgrown and coming over our wall and growing up the gable walll of our house. It...

Near 53.267795803007,-6.1502776426007

Overgrown hedges & no lighting 0

10:30 Jan 21, 2022

Overgrown hedges are growing across the wall and into the pathway between the church and Churdhfields Estate in Shrule. This is dangerous enough in day...

Near 53.523584894119,-9.0916210415799

Hedge overgrowing road 0

09:25 Jan 21, 2022

Hedgerow is overgrowing onto road ---- This report was originally submitted at You can find it at this alternate address:

Near 52.31175959083,-6.5356349385872

Tree planting on Templeville Road 0

21:56 Jan 20, 2022

There are 4 trees missing from our stretch of Templeville Road (outside #45). The tree from outside our house was removed in 2021. Another tree was knocked...

Near 45 Templeville Road, D6WYF22

Plant a tree 1

21:05 Jan 20, 2022

Hi,thanks for doing a brilliant job on tree cutting along Hazelwood Crescent Clondalkin Dublin 22. Can you please reinstate a new tree between number...

Near 53.312245680588,-6.4043900904539

Illegal Tree Cutting 1

12:47 Jan 20, 2022

The residents of Pinewood Estate, Killarney are cutting the trees in the public area of the estate. Please ensure that all residents are informed that...

Near Killarney

Overgrown shrubbery 0

11:35 Jan 20, 2022

Trees / shrubs are overgrown from roundabout on jamestown road right up to where road meets st margaret's road, difficult to walk on path & sometimes...

Near 53.40159249564,-6.2915994464989

Plant Trees Along Grass Verge - Marlbog Road 0

11:25 Jan 20, 2022

Please plant trees along the end of Marlbog Road adjacent to cycle track. The section here is very austere. Trees remove pollution from the atmosphere,...

Near Marlbog Road

Dangerous tree 1

11:07 Jan 20, 2022

A pear tree is causing serious risk to elderly residents -- posted via mobile web

Near End of Culmore Rd Palmerstown

Fallen tree on Mount Bellew Green 1

16:05 Jan 19, 2022

There's a fallen tree on the green (from the hedgerow) at Mount Bellew Green / Fforster Green. (Reported 10/12/21). Also rusted barbed wire and fencing...

Near 53.350573729563,-6.4234461158748

Overgrown tree blocking street light 1

14:30 Jan 19, 2022

Tree is blocking street light causing a security issue for neighbours as too dark.Property stolen in part to dark location. ---- This report was originally...

Near 53.199491404104,-6.1225158325081

Blocked path 0

19:29 Jan 18, 2022

The tree outside this house is over grown for our estate and causes the path to be blocked for elderly and disabled members of the community. Would be...

Near 24 lissen hall drive, swords, co. Dublin

Tree Pruning 2

14:46 Jan 18, 2022

Tree on grass verge outside 46 the Coppice Woodfarm Acres d20 cr74 in need of pruning as it is now very large. -- posted via

Near 46 the Coppice

Trees encroaching on path - Diswellstown Road/Riverwood Road 0

10:46 Jan 18, 2022

On the corner of Diswellstown Road at Riverwood Road (right beside the zebra crossing), there are branches growing through the railings. These push pedestrians...

Near Diswellstown Avenue at Riverwood Road, Carpenterstown

Grass overgrown onto footpath 1

09:45 Jan 18, 2022

The grass has taken over half of the footpath. ---- This report was originally submitted at You can find it at this alternate address:...

Near 53.384072293163,-6.3059420872189

Tree Trimming 1

21:05 Jan 17, 2022

The Tree outside no 6 Needs to be trimmed as its not banging off the Window of the bedroom of no 6. Please give notice of work as cars will have to be...

Near 53.366756,-6.26616

Thorny hanging plants 1

20:04 Jan 17, 2022

Hi all. Hanging plants. I would like to state a situation,If you walk, în special în a night time, on Garters Lane from Citywest hotel to the exit...


Grass Verge 2

09:04 Jan 17, 2022

Hi Team, the grass verge outside my house 6 Ellensborough Drive, Kiltipper is right in front of the garden gate and as a result itÂ’s getting driven on...

Near 6 Ellensborough Drive, Kiltipper, D 24 R2Y5

Dead tree outside 60 Corbally Heath, Dublin 24 1

17:06 Jan 16, 2022

Rowan tree completely withered since last year -- posted via mobile web

Near D24wk5e

Illegally parking/ lawn damage 0

15:05 Jan 16, 2022

Illegally parked overnight someone car has lawn damage as can see in picture. Also there few vans with trailers parked overnight. If ambulance on fire...

Near 53.530519597765,-7.3550919661002