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Hazardous Tree 1

12:27 Apr 09, 2021

Hi, there is a large tree located between 68 and 70 Birchwood Drive, Springfield, Tallaght, Dublin 24. Sadly, there is not enough green area surrounding...

Near birchwood drive, springfield, tallaght, dublin 24

Tree Support -Stakes Broken 0

20:54 Apr 08, 2021

On the Green in front of number 5/6 riverwood close there is are broken support stakes for one of the young trees. It is a danger to the kids playing...

Near 53.374306258125,-6.3985430358893

grass cutting Linnetfields Estate 0

15:33 Apr 08, 2021

I have been in touch with you before. My issue is the following. I live in Linnetfields Rise no. 2. I am in the last house in a cull-de-sac, both sides...

Near Clonee

Public safety 0

01:04 Apr 08, 2021

Hi, Can the bushes covering the canal area please be removed so it is open as many people hang around here in the evenings and antisocial behaviour is...

Near 53.378000205095,-6.3956493873894

Pedestrian safety 0

00:49 Apr 08, 2021

Hi,could I kindly ask for the bushes at the fence shown in the image below please be cut as pedestrians cannot see cyclists ect turning the corner at...

Near 53.382874271302,-6.3946575137093

Can tree please be removed 0

00:44 Apr 08, 2021

Good evening, Recently two large trees in this grass area have fallen down and luckily not caused injury but trees can be replaced and humans canÂ’t so...

Near 53.381364591841,-6.394713519484

Grass cutting needed 1

20:49 Apr 07, 2021

Hello, main grass area in Belgard heights needs to be cut badly for kids to play safely please. Grass along main entrance also needs cutting. ----...

Near 53.298359543934,-6.3804747227281

Obstructing/Dangerous Tree 0

18:53 Apr 07, 2021

Tree outside my house is causing problems. Problem 1. Falling leaves are blocking the shores which is causing flooding. Problem 2. Blocking the whole...

Near 7 Westway Rise

Grass needs cutting at Brompton, D15 0

16:39 Apr 07, 2021

Grass around Brompton area, Dublin 15 needs cutting. The tractor comes and cuts the smaller side of the pathway, but not the other side? This hasn't been...

Near -6.38164, 53.38023 (Green area at bottom of Brompton)

Grass needs cutting around Brompton 0

15:03 Apr 07, 2021

Grass around Brompton estate, Dublin 15 needs cutting. The tractor comes and cuts the smaller side of the pathway, but not the other side? This hasn't...

Near Bottom of the Brompton Estate

Hedges need cutting 0

14:09 Apr 07, 2021

Hi Could the council cut back the hedges on kiltipper road as pieces of branches and twigs are sticking out and on a few occasions have caused damage...

Near 53.273782093461,-6.3589710176849

Ashfield green, Templeogue, Dublin 6w 1

13:04 Apr 07, 2021

The trees are covered in ivy and branches are falling off in windy conditions. The large trees on the green are protected but no maintenance has been...

Near ashfield, templeogue, dublin 6w

Public Tree roots breaking footpath & danger to main water main 2

11:57 Apr 07, 2021

Danger to electricity, water mains & private wall in Residents garden. Also breaking up the path on the road at No.4/5 Maple Grove, Rathcooole, Co. Dublin....

Near rathcoole

Overgrown weeds 1

20:04 Apr 06, 2021

There is a tree outside my house that has weeds growing, I tried to get rid of them but they keep coming back ,I was wondering if you had some industrial...

Near 53.393811205843,-6.2263810359045

Tree cuttings 1

19:34 Apr 06, 2021

Someone has cut this tree and left a huge pile of the branches beside the bridge ---- This report was originally submitted at You...

Near 53.338958000989,-6.4447793018554

Land not cut in years 0

17:24 Apr 06, 2021

Land between porterstown road and annfield crescent, has not been cut in years... it is extreamly overgrown... ---- This report was originally submitted...

Near 53.374119540112,-6.40731577941

Tree - Ridgewood Green, Swords 0

15:43 Apr 06, 2021

Hi There is a tree between 14 and 15 Ridgewood Green that needs to be cut back. The branches look unstable and are coming into both gardens. Can this...

Near 14 Ridgewood Green, Swords

Open space rear of 275-288 Glenview Park, Tallaght 1

15:26 Apr 06, 2021

Dear Sir/Madam I write once again in relation to the above open space and in particular to the over-grown area to the rear of 278 - 280 Glenview Park....

Near 279 Glenview Park, Tallaght

Tree roots grown too large 1

15:14 Apr 06, 2021

Hi, SDCC planted a tree in the communal area outside our garden wall a number of years ago. Its roots have since grown under the main watermain running...

Near 4 maple grove, rathcoole

Large Holes exposing roots of Oak Tree and causing trip hazards 0

14:01 Apr 06, 2021

Hi, I live on Woodstown Place, Knocklyon, Dublin 16 and there is a green in front of our house with some beautiful mature oak trees. However over the...

Near Woodstown, Knocklyon, Dublin 16