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Damaged tree 0

15:33 Aug 19, 2019

Tree outside 51 Hillsbrook Ave Tree had ivy around it which has been cut away, the trunk of the tree has a large hole in the base and now looks like...

Near 51 hillsbrook ave

overgrown and dangerous trees 0

13:23 Aug 19, 2019

Once again I am writing to appeal that you remove 2 of the 7 trees that surround my property. i wrote to you twice previously over the years with no...

Near 1, Castleknock Wood

Overgrown hedgerows 1

12:00 Aug 19, 2019

Hedgerows taking over half of the pedestrian path. ---- This report was originally submitted at You can find it at this alternate...

Near 53.277561,-6.33129

Trip Hazard: Footpath 0

11:24 Aug 19, 2019

There is a large tree outside 107 Marian Road. The root system has lifted the footpath causing a significant trip hazard that needs to be addressed without...

Near On grass verge outside 107 Marian Road

Please save this young sapling tree 0

11:15 Aug 19, 2019

Looks like someone tried to break this young tree in two where the tie is but couldn't quite finish the job. I'm sure it can be saved if it's propped...

Near Donabate

Path blocked by overgrown bush 1

11:10 Aug 19, 2019

As per the 2 other comments can someone please come out and cut back that bush. proper tools are needed, it cant just be clipped with a normal sheers....

Near 53.32259,-6.288885

Hedging and schrubs 0

10:20 Aug 19, 2019

Hello, the hedges and shrubs beside 71 cherrington road, shankill need to be cut back as there are thorns etc. Sticking out any may hurt the kids playing...

Near 53.22718369981,-6.1274210370234

Brambles and weeds on path 0

06:40 Aug 19, 2019

Paths alongside both sides of Dodder River at Springfield Avenue need to be cut back. Worst area is at south side of footbridge. ---- This report...

Near 53.298656682392,-6.2931475160129

Tree Maintenance 2

17:15 Aug 18, 2019

The trees entering Finnstown Priory and surrounding area need to be cut back and maintained as I have difficulty when I'm walking along the paths as the...

Near Lucan Co.Dublin

Bushes encroaching cycle track - Dr Troy Bridge 2

11:37 Aug 18, 2019

Southbound Diswellstown Road (Dr Troy Bridge), the bushes on the eastern side of the bridge encroach onto the cycle track, forcing cyclists onto the pedestrian...

Near Diswellstown Road/Dr Troy Bridge, Carpenterstown

Over grown bushes 1

16:30 Aug 17, 2019

The lane between carnlough road and Ratoath Estate Cabra Dublin 7, When you enter the lane from Carnlough road part of the lane is completely covered...

Near 53.371358194587,-6.3048545151212

Trees Sprouting New Trees & Additional Flower Beds 1

15:15 Aug 17, 2019

A number of trees along Main Street are sprouting new trees and branches from the bottom. These need to be pruned and cut back. Furthermore, the base...

Near 53.385697023174,-6.3741828743108

Grass Cutting - Castleknock Road 1

15:05 Aug 17, 2019

The grass has not been cut for some time on the entry to Blanchardstown village on the Castleknock Road and on Main Street, Blanchardstown. It makes the...

Near 53.384442806427,-6.3720049134085

Grass Cutting at Sign 1

14:45 Aug 17, 2019

The grass under the sign for Castleknock and Blanchardstown needs to be cut. Additionally, a flower bed under this sign would look particularly good and...

Near 53.382766199412,-6.3707174530756

Canal Walkway 1

14:40 Aug 17, 2019

The entrance to the canal walkway leading into Castleknock train station looks shabby. The grass has not been cut, the fence looks unfinished and unpainted...

Near 53.381790284248,-6.3704562540324

Overgrown hedges and over hanging trees on L5131 outside ballina 0

14:02 Aug 17, 2019

Hi the is a lot of over hanging trees and overgrown bushes on the L5131 from the pitch and putt entrance on the ballina/Sligo road right through to the...

Near L5131 ballina

Overgrown verge 0

13:25 Aug 17, 2019

I reported this issue last year and nothing was done, despite phone calls to Roads Dept. The tree and bush verge continues to intrude onto the cycle lane...

Near 53.300364703959,-6.3534326287052

Trees on Willow Drive, Clondalkin 1

08:02 Aug 17, 2019

I am writing regarding the trees on Willow Drive in Clondalkin. The tree outside my house and the other trees on my road have grown to a huge height....

Near D22N4V6

Evergreen tree oversized 1

21:10 Aug 16, 2019

Evergreen tree outside house 40 and 41 may require to be cut back as it is at the height of the gutters. ---- This report was originally submitted...

Near 53.344534185487,-6.5561050057747

Very dangerous over grown shrubs obstructing view 1

18:35 Aug 16, 2019

The BushÂ’s shrubs are so over grown itÂ’s impossible to see on coming traffic .. my fear is when schools are back children walk that side of road. Accident...

Near 53.413104,-6.475408