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Grass Cutting Request 1

06:52 Mar 27, 2020

Hi, I understand everyone is very busy and this is not urgent but I was wondering if the grass could be cut in Daletree Estate in Ballycullen on the...

Near Daletree Park, Ballycullen, Dublin 24

Grass verges need repairing 2

20:20 Mar 26, 2020

28, 30 and 32 grass verges on Shanliss Road Santry needs repairing, just muck. ---- This report was originally submitted at You can...

Near 53.391045816833,-6.2512075416565

Over hanging trees 0

19:30 Mar 26, 2020

Trees from gargen are over hanging and tall people cannot walk on public path with bending down ---- This report was originally submitted at

Near 53.452064153654,-6.2319752846865

Tree up rooted from ground 0

18:50 Mar 26, 2020

Newly planted tree has been uprooted from ground, tree is currently up against wall. ---- This report was originally submitted at

Near 53.452401,-6.236331

Tree on the road cut illegally 0

17:40 Mar 26, 2020

Tree on the public road in Fforster Grove has been drastically cut. It's on the left near the T junction. It was done by or on behalf of the corner house...

Near 53.349995,-6.426608

Estate care 1

14:05 Mar 26, 2020

Just like to say a big thank you to the council workers, our estate looks wonderful, the grass is cut often, and our new trees are lovely. ---- This...

Near 53.307331,-6.362201

Green space in Belgard Heights 1

13:43 Mar 26, 2020

I would like to complain about the green space in Belgard Heights, its disgraceful it was cut approx 3 weeks ago & left in an awful state grass was not...

Near Belgard Heights

Grass verge on Murrough Road 0

17:37 Mar 24, 2020

From the junction of the Rathbeale Road moving up Murrough Road (left hand side) towards Swords Manor..........the footpath space is greatly reduced by...

Near Murrough road

Rotten tree, falling branches 1

08:30 Mar 24, 2020

Tree is rotten outside #71. During high winds branches are breaking off and there is a risk of hitting a pedestrian or passing car. ---- This report...

Near 53.289393,-6.299179

Grass cutting 0

07:35 Mar 24, 2020

For some reason after the planting of new trees they have stopped cutting the area of grass between the trees. Can you please send someone out to cut...

Near 53.444397762442,-6.1999587878812

Over hanging trees from this property 1

22:10 Mar 23, 2020

The trees are over hanging from this property onto a main busy road, lorryÂ’s break some branches and they fall on the footpath and obstruct pedestrians...

Near 52.143612837301,-9.7195778934473

Grass overgrown 1

20:50 Mar 23, 2020

Just hoping if possible that the grass on the green in Wainsfort Manor could be mowed, it is very overgrown. At current time it is a much needed amenity...

Near 53.306654546653,-6.3146252691187

Cut grass 0

12:55 Mar 23, 2020

Each time the green is cut they neglect to cut the large space in between the new trees. It has become overgrown and unsightly ---- This report was...

Near 53.444493250187,-6.1999197231567

Grass cutting 0

12:42 Mar 23, 2020

There have been new trees planted on Mount drinan Park on the green. However the last two times the green was cut they neglected to cut the large areas...

Near Mount drinan park

Grass cutting 0

12:38 Mar 23, 2020

New trees have been planted opposite Mount drinan Park kinsealy swords co Dublin. However the last two times the Green has been cut they have not cut...

Near Mount Drinan park kinsealy swords co Dublin

Grass cutting required 1

11:50 Mar 23, 2020

Hi, Could you please cut the grass area at Wainsfort Grove/Park Terenure as it is very overgrown. -- posted via mobile web

Near Wainsfort Grove/Park, Dublin 6W

Broken Tree 1

09:41 Mar 23, 2020

Last week you very kindly planted a beautiful tree outside my house at 27 Avondale Road, in Killiney (A96 Y972), sadly on Saturday night/ Sunday AM this...

Near 27 avondale road, killiney, dublin a96 y972

Cut the grass please 1

17:25 Mar 22, 2020

Hi guys, the football pitch outside our house has not been cut in months. We are going through tough times and my dad is 80 he would walk around the field...

Near 53.298437080349,-6.3481762584988

Grass cutting 0

09:18 Mar 22, 2020

Grass badly needs to be cut in Hazelbury Green -- posted via mobile web

Near Hazelbury Green, Castaheany

Broken lights and litter 1

08:50 Mar 22, 2020

Hi After the street was opened a couple of months ago nobody cleaned the left side of the street nor did they change buster street lights ---- This...

Near 53.284933,-6.429789