Report: Graffiti

12:35 Jun 14 2018 Near 53.340558349239,-6.4317481203692

At the side of the building the "Join Saoradh!" painted recently. Please remove it.

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SDCC Customer Care Agent (Jun 14 2018)
Thank you for using Fix Your Street. The graffiti at this location will be inspected and listed for removal as appropriate. Please note that offensive graffiti will be prioritised for removal but removal of graffiti on private property is the responsibility of the owner/occupier. Regards.SDCC.
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SDCC Customer Care Agent (Aug 7 2018)
Thank you for your report regarding the 'Join Saoradh' graffiti painted on the side of a building off Griffeen Road/Griffeen Avenue, Lucan.

This matter has been reported to our contractor for immediate removal.

Thank you for using Fix Your Street.
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