Report: Constant Beeping from pedestrian signals

09:42 Jul 11 2018 Near Castlegate Lawn, Adamstown, Lucan, K78K529

hi Fix your street, Ive just sent you a message explaining the issue. This is the exact location and source of the issue. The pedestrian cross way beep constantly from 7 am -8 pm. Its becoming more than distraction and a real source of annoyance in the house. The passed weekend with the windows open this was a constant sound which became more than a frustration. I work from home and even now with the window open I can hear this constant beeping because the window is open.
Please help as its really effecting the household.
Thanks for your time and attention. -- posted via
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SDCC Customer Care Agent (Jul 11 2018)
The Council has a legal obligation to provide audio facilities at its pedestrian crossings. These may not be switched off. The signals will be checked to ensure they are at normal levels but they must remain at a level audible to road-users.
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David Gorey (Jul 11 2018)
Hi, thanks for the update, If it cant be switched off surely it can be lowered down to a level which doesn't cause for noise pollution in my house, where my kitchen and living room is 3 floors up, Surely it can be lowered to a minimum where it cant be cleared heard in my home where Ive lived for 10 years this would be a solution? Surely I shouldn't have to live with this noise pollution through out my house for eternity. Hopefully fixyourstreet can help find a solution that fulfills legal obligations and helps clear up the problem for my household. Thanks for your help and understanding.
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