Report: Car abandonded Grattan Park Galway City

14:50 Aug 10 2018 Near Grattan Park, Grattan Road, Galway City

Car abandonded for a number of months on main avenue at back of Grattan Park.
I found on your website that you deal with abanonded vehicles and "will aim to have vehicles removed within 48 hours, where possible" and that you "will arrange to have the vehicle removed to the pound in the Liosbaun Industrial Estate".
There are numerous notices from Galway City Council on the windscreen. There is no tax or insurance on the vehicle.
This abandoned vehicle is attracting anti-social behaviour and rubbish is being illegally dumped around it.
If you could please arrange for its removal, we would be most grateful.
Thank you for your help. -- posted via
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Galway City Council Customer Service (Aug 10 2018)
The details have been forwarded to our Community Wardens
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NoReply (Aug 22 2018)
I'm delighted to see that this car has now been removed by Galway City Council. Great work! Thanks for your help.
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