Report: St Helens - Adamstown Park no street lights - [-6.46904, 53.34237]

09:43 Oct 11 2018 Near Adamstown Park, Dublin

We have moved into the St Helens estate in Lucan CoDublin. Our road is Adamstown Park.
Till date there has been no indication of the street lights being turned on and its now an issue of health and safety and dark mornings and evenings return. Nearly a 50 families are living with street lights. We have already there has been report of car theft within the estate likely due to the dark streets. If we are to remain without the basic street lighting I am fearful that these anti social behaviors will escalate to more than a car theft. I am a female who uses both the bus and rail services in the area and scared for the dark walk to my house which will become a reality in a week or two and something I cannot avoid. -- posted via
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SDCC Customer Care Agent (Oct 12 2018)
Dear resident,

After a series of delays, due to the resolution of some issues on site with the developer, we have now applied for a connection for the public lighting from ESBN.

Under normal circumstances, we would expect this to be carried out in a matter of weeks. However the current storm conditions, and the resulting outages

experienced nationally, may delay this.

Yours sincerely,

Caitriona Lambert

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