Report: Car abdondend outside my house

09:21 Nov 8 2018 Near Ashfield grove, huntstown, Dublin 15

For the last three weeks neighbour across the road son (who doesnÂ’t live on this road) has left his car parked outside my house which is making it extremely difficult for me to drive in and out of my driveway.

My neighbour next door approached the son on 30th October asking could he please park his car in his motherÂ’s driveway as it has plenty of space. He lied saying the battery is dead and will move it on 31st October to which it has not been removed since.

I want to write in a formal complaint to have this car removed and not to be parked outside our houses anymore. It not only is difficult to get in and out of our homes but no spaces for visitors to park.

He uses his heavy lorry everyday for his business which is parked in his motherÂ’s back yard which has also created pot holes on our road.

My partner has also asked the mother could she ask him to move the car to outside her home which she said no. -- posted via mobile web
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