Report: locked gate

13:33 May 26 2013 dublin 8

in whitefriar gardens Dublin 8 there is a front garden they call the sandpit well the other day something belong to me fell into this garden when I went to get it the gate was locked which I find unbelievable further more 1 person that resides in the complex has a key and he open and closes this gate as he feels is this dcc policy ? I think you dcc should cut the lock off or supply all residents with a key as the summer is here id like to sit in there to wind down after a hard day without somebody telling me to get out its time to lock up I am a resident of over 20 years in whitefriar gardens and find it annoying that somebody there half the time can open and close this gate as they choose I hope dcc sort this out cause if not I will more then likely just cut this lock off
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Customer Care Dublin City Council (Jun 12 2013)
Thank you for using Fix Your Street. This was referred to the Dublin City Council Housing section on 27th May 2013 to investigate.
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