Report: Bad bad road

10:45 Dec 6 2018 Near 51.968069079424,-8.6447587902674

From Pipe House Cross to Courtbrack Village the road is in a terrible condition. Potholes, water running down the road as there are no drains, hedges not cut we have lived in this area for 33 years and we have never seen the road so bad there is a building site in Courtbrack Village and all the heavy traffic ie trucks machines are travelling on this road.also if you head from Pipe House Cross to Grenagh and turn right the least drop of rain and there is a dangerous flood with a number of years

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Cork County Council (Dec 6 2018)
Cork County Council acknowledges receipt of your issue logged on the Fix Your Street website. This issue has been referred to the Area Engineers Office. Please be advised that Cork County Council has an on-line service, (called - Your Council - ) which allows members of the public to access on-line services , and to report any issues and submit any queries. This portal can be accessed by pasting the following link in your browser Hence, you are advised to use the ‘Your Council’ portal to log future issues/queries to Cork County Council.
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