Report: Lack of speed limit sign

06:20 Dec 7 2018 Near 53.978547307254,-6.3993459435426

Hi There's a 60 km/h zone here with no signs on the road when travelling westbound towards the M1. This is a bit misleading since the road is a dual carriageway national road which normally have a 100km/h speed limit.

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Mary Scott (Dec 7 2018)
Thank you for using Fix Your Street. The issue has been forwarded to the Operations Department.
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Operations Louth County Council (Dec 7 2018)
Thank you for your query. It isnot unusual for a dual carriageway in an urban or built up area to have a posted speed limit of 60kph. Before you enter this particular dual carriageway, from any direction, you will already have passed a 60kph sign to inform you that you have entered a 60kph speed limit zone. So whether you have come from town (past DkIT), or from the Inner Relief Rd or the old Dublin Rd (from Blacrock), you will already have been informed (via signage) that you have entered a 60kph speed limit zone. This speed limit then applies until you are informed otherwise, which is, if heading west along the dual carriageway towards the M1, where it changes to 80kph some distance before the M1 interchange itself.
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