Report: Sunken gully

11:40 Dec 7 2018 Near 53.395220594287,-6.2142889346221

A gully has sunk approx 2m adjacent to the pedestrian crossing from the Northside Shopping Centre to Kilmore Road. This is causing dangerous conditions for cyclists. There is a right turning lane at the location, so cars going straight are already close to the left edge of the road, meaning it's difficult to cycle around the gully. I was stopped at a red light there, and on green the gully made my front wheel kink towards the traffic.

Also, there is a guardrail at the crossing, which means that there is very little room for cyclists to escape if they were to lose balance due to the gully.

Apologies for the Google Earth photo, it was too dark to take a new photo last night as I passed.

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Customer Care Dublin City Council (Dec 7 2018)
Thank You for using Fix Your Street. This matter has been referred to the relevant Dublin City Council section for investigation/resolution. This report will be further updated on receipt of a response from the relevant section.
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Customer Care Dublin City Council (Dec 10 2018)
Thank you for using Your request was referred to our Drainage Division on 10 December 2018 to inspect the gully at this location.
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