Report: Limescale

13:04 Jun 7 2013 53.514242,-6.394082

There is very bad problem with limescale in Ashbourne and in our estate


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Meath Local Authority Customer Care (Jun 7 2013)
Thank you for contacting Fix Your Street. Your report has been referred to Water Services Section.
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Meath Local Authority Customer Care (Jun 19 2013)
Hardness is determined by the level of naturally occurring calcium and magnesium compounds a water contains. Hard water is found in areas of the North East which have a chalk and limestone geology. As water passes through the rock it picks up chalk carbonates, the concentrations of which will determine the level of hardness. Drinking water in Ireland is governed by the Drinking Water Regulations, 2007 and there is no health risk associated with hardness. Under these regulations there is no maximum limit for hardness, which causes limescale. However, hard water can lead to scale formation and may also affect the appearance of hot drinks, increase soap consumption and reduce detergent efficiency.

More detailed information on water hardness is provided on our website;

Meath County Council has an ongoing statutory monitoring programme for drinking water supplies in the county. 100% of drinking water results for the Ashbourne area are in compliance with the Drinking Water Regulations

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