Report: Many pigeons living under bridge and their excrement on the path. Barrack street

10:09 Jan 11 2019 Near Barrack street kilkenny city

Dear Kilkenny County council, please consider putting a net under this bridge to stop the many pigeons living under it in the gaps. The path underneath looks like an infection site, its disgusting. In most countries they put up a net and it stops the pigeons living there. Cleaning the mess on the path is pointless because a few hours later it looks the same again. I live close by and pass under many times a day, during the summer I heard a group of American tourists comment and scream as on of them got pigeon droppings down on to her hair. Its really time to solve this problem as its embarrassing for Kilkenny as a tourist destination. More so, with the new cinema opening soon this path under the bridge on barrack street will see much more footfall. Thanks for your time -- posted via
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Kilkenny County Council (Roads Department) (Jan 21 2019)
Your comment has been noted and the matter has been logged for investigation for a member of Environmental Enforcement and the Ticket ID is CAS-02284 for your information. Regards, SS, 21/1/2019.
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