Report: : Major Rubbish dumping Butler magee pk

13:51 Jan 11 2019 Near tallaght

I am writing to you to highlight the above problem.
Recently the park adjacent to my house on Drumcairn Avenue Fettercairn has been covered in rubbish because of illegal dumping. It is I think the worst I have ever seen it.
It's an absolute disgrace that the football pitches have been left like that over the last couple of weeks with no sign of the council cleaning it up.
There is broken glass in the grass and also on the paths.
Also I have found bags of rubbish left on the corner of my house and across from my house outside the field that I have had to dispose of myself.

It really is a horrible sight to look at and more importantly very unsafe for children and anyone else using the fields. Dog walkers etc. Also a major health hazard.

Can you please tell me if the council will be out anytime soon to clean up.There has been a feable attempt at times to clean the park and road outside.I have observed your workers attempting to clean only the road along the park
Drumcairn resident
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SDCC Customer Care Agent (Jan 14 2019)
Thank you for using Fix Your Street. Your query has been referred to the Litter Warden for the area to inspect. If any local residents can provide details of the persons littering or dumping at this location, they should contact the Litter Warden by e-mailing: to help us take enforcement action under the Litter Pollution Act. Regards. SDCC.
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