Report: Concrete on entry ramp to off-road cycle track

15:24 Jun 25 2013 Ballyboden Road

Dear Sir / Madam,

I would like to report a dangerous situation on Ballyboden Way immediately adjacent to the roundabout at the junction with Ballyboden Road/Taylors Lane.
Where cyclists leave this roundabout heading west on to Ballyboden Way, the cycleway goes off-road. At this point there is an uneven heap of concrete/mortar in the middle of the ramp, and this could easily cause a cyclist to have an accident. This concrete/mortar has been there for about two years and appeared after your contractor repaired a section of the adjacent masonry wall at the back of the footpath. It would seem that the contractor used this area of the cycletrack to mix the mortar, and the fact that the area was left in this state is appalling.
I cycle along this road regularly and consider this to be extremely dangerous, and feel that this is an accident waiting to happen.
In the best interests of safety please arrange to have this mortar removed without delay.

Yours faithfully,
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SDCC Customer Care Agent (Jun 26 2013)

This has been sent to the road maintenance area inspector.

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