Report: Dangerous right hand turn

12:25 Mar 14 2019 Near roscommon

The junction I have marked is one I and many people use on a daily basis travelling from Athlone.

When you arrive at this junction and are sitting stationary in the middle of the road, the traffic coming behind you is still travelling at ~100KPH, they move to the left and pass on the inside.

I believe it is possible for someone to be unsighted in this situation and not see the stationary car in the middle of the road until the car in front moves to the left. If this happens too late, someone could potentially hit a stopped car in the middle of the road while doing 100KPH.

I think the solution to this should be a right hand turn lane at this junction. The main road is wide enough to do it and you can have the traffic that is continuing on the main road safely filter to the left following road markings. -- posted via
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