Report: Pothole on Road

14:54 Mar 15 2019 Near Baldonnell Road, on LHS coming from Castle Baggot House toward Baldonnell Airport.

There is a pothole on left hand side of the Baldonnell Road coming from Castle Baggot house toward Baldonnell aerodrome. It is very deep and hard to avoid and will cause a tyre to blow out if hit too hard. -- posted via
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SDCC Customer Care Agent (Mar 21 2019)
Thank you for contacting Fixyourstreet regarding a pothole on the Baldonnell Road coming from Castle Baggot House. This has been forwarded to our Area Roads Inspector for investigation. ( MOT/2019-MAR/66431 refers) For further information you can contact the Road Maintenance Dept on 01 4149395 quoting your reference.
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