Report: Ditch needs filling

20:05 Mar 31 2019 Near 51.906619909063,-8.5613940081484

Due to the recent developments in the area, the traffic has increased significantly. There is a deep ditch to one side of this narrow road which is becoming increasingly concerning as the amount of traffic increases. This road also lacks a footpath causing this ditch to be a threat to pedestrians and cyclists as well as drivers. Please fill to allow all road users pass by safely.

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Cork County Council (Apr 1 2019)
Cork County Council acknowledges receipt of your issue logged on the Fix Your Street website. This issue has been referred to the Area Engineers Office. Please be advised that Cork County Council has an on-line service, (called - Your Council - ) which allows members of the public to access on-line services , and to report any issues and submit any queries. This portal can be accessed by pasting the following link in your browser Hence, you are advised to use the ‘Your Council’ portal to log future issues/queries to Cork County Council.
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