Report: Waste and dog dirt bins - seagrange Park baldoyle

08:37 Apr 10 2019 Near Seagrange Park baldoyle

Hi I am writing in relation to the lack of bin facilities in seagrange Park in baldoyle. There is only 1 dog dirt bin which is full most of the time and also only 1 rubbish bin in this park! There is a secondary school right beside it too so there is a lot of plastic bottles and rubbish on the ground as there are no bins to put it in. I walk my dog in this park and i have to walk all the way over to the dog dirt bin to dispose of it which IÂ’m sure not many ppl would do. We need more waste facilities in this park as I have now recently seen any bin there overflowing with poo bags and rubbish! There was 2 dog bins there now there is only 1! A lot of ppl use this park to walk their dogs and there is also a train station beside it too there needs to be extra bins here. -- posted via mobile web
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Howth/Malahide Operations (Apr 12 2019)
Area will be examined to see if we can place a bin
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Howth/Malahide Operations (Apr 18 2019)
The Inspector reports that there has been a Bin put in at the boxing Club which is on the way from the Dart Station to the School. There is also a Bin on The Bayside Entrance of the Dart Station. The Bin to the Tunnel From the Park was removed because household rubbish was being dumped and the bin vandalised weekly with graffiti and fire. No bin will be placed at this location again.
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