Report: Tree encroachment and lifting of public footpath

14:30 Apr 16 2019 Near 11 Woodford Rise Monastery Gate, Clondalkin

On front of 11 Woodford Rise Monastery Gate Clondalkin. There is an overgrown tree which is encroaching on garden space, it is also obstructing pedestrians and has lifted up the public footpath causing a trip hazard which has claimed a few victims. Could you send a maintenance crew to prune it back asap.
Many thanks,

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SDCC Customer Care Agent (Environment, Water  (Apr 24 2019)
Thank you for your enquiry. Woodford Rise is not listed on the current 2017-2019 Tree Maintenance Programme. The focus of the Tree Maintenance Programme is on entire roads or whole estates, increasing the efficiency and productivity of tree maintenance. The Senior Executive Parks Superintendent has advised that in advance of any works being carried out, a full survey of all trees in an estate must be undertaken to determine the extent of the requirement for tree maintenance. Arising from the survey, any works considered necessary, will be noted and prioritised accordingly as part of a future Tree Maintenance Programme. Your query regarding the footpath has been referred to the Roads Dept Regards, Public Realm.
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SDCC Customer Care Agent (May 2 2019)
Thank you for your enquiry,

I have passed your concerns on to the Road Maintenance inspector for examinaition and appropriate action.

Kind Regards

Robert Jennings

Road Maintenance section

Land Use Planning and Transportation

South Dublin County Council
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