Report: Dismantling of brickwork supporting archway, street sign, shrubs not maintained, illegal dumping

14:59 Apr 23 2019 Near Castleview Drive, opposite the main entrance to Applewood Village

1. The brick wall supporting the metal estate entrance archway is being slowly dismantled.
2. The street sign opposite the archway has been knocked down, probably by a vehicle.
3. There is lovely shrubbery growing along the fencing around the Castleview Estate. Unfortunately, the shrubs by the entrance to the estate, opposite Applewood Estate, are totally overgrown. As a Swords Tidy Towns member, I have removed bags of rubbish which have been illegally dumped into these bushes. Neighbours have also complained about men using the shrubbery as a urinal at times. Nobody wants to have all the shrubs removed. We would just love to have them properly maintained, and to be no denser than at other sections along the estate boundary. -- posted via mobile web
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Balbriggan Swords Operations Department (Apr 24 2019)
Thank you for using the “Fix Your Street” system. This matter has been referred to the relevant section.
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