Report: Parking space

09:45 Apr 30 2019 Near 53.445465796665,-6.1561499280527

Could you please remove the parking space outside 5 Ashleigh Lawn, Malahide as it is a safety hazard for the reasons outined below. The preference would be for single or double yellow lines to be put in instead if possible, which is the position on the rest of the road. It would also be helpful if the parking restrictions were actively enforced, as is the case on the lower part of Margaret's Road, where a warden monitors enforcement periodically.

Reasons below outline why the parking space is causing a danger for residents, particularly children:

1. A large number of children are resident on the street and there have been a number of near misses over recent months as many of the children walk to school and cycle, scoot, and play in the area. Vehicles drive up the road and swerve to get around the parked car(s). They can't see a child on foot, or on a bike, as the narrowness of the road means the parked car is blocking their view up the road. 2. The parking space is just before a sharp blind 90 degree left turn into the rest of Ashleigh Lawn. It is a blind turn already and the parked car causes a safety hazard on what is already a narrow road. 3. Cars park in the spot for the day from before 8am, until c. 7pm (often leaving their car parked there for the weekend) and their occupants take the dart to work. Cars have been left there for days on end when their occupants have got into a taxi to go elsewhere, possibly to the airport. The parking spot is thus unavailable to residents, or visitors to residents, living on the road. 4. Cars, vans, trucks and utility vehicles are getting blocked by the parked car, as the road is too narrow at that point for a large vehicle to pass the parked car safely, particularly if (which often occurs) a car parks on the double yellow lines across the narrow road. This has happened numerous times over recent weeks and photos can be provided if that would be helpful.

Thus the parking space is causing a safety concern for a number of reasons, in addition to being a free parking space for dart users, rather than for residents on the road.

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Howth/Malahide Operations (May 10 2019)
I will examine and come back to you
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Howth/Malahide Operations (May 10 2019)
We will inspect this location and I will come back to you.
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