Report: Dog control issue - owner not reacting to requests

15:34 May 6 2019 Near 207 River Village Athlone

Owners of a retriever dog regularly let the dog run freely and unattended around the area where kids play. My wife approached the owner earlier today and this was not the first time these owners have been approached by residents. She did not respond to my wife and instead of leading the dog away from the kids, sat in the middle of the green area with dog completely uncontrolled. The male dog repeatedly jumps on the children with inappropriate intentions. My child who is 7 ran inside the house, while a neighbour's kid was so scared that my wife had to walk her home. The lady owner has been outside with the dog for over an hour now and the kids are unable and are afraid to go outside. This dog has no collar and I have never seen this dog on a leash. I'm trying to be civil with this issue, but I'm running out of patience, especially when it comes to safety of my kids. -- posted via
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