Report: 4 Issues concerning The Moorings, Malahide

16:09 Jun 1 2019 Near The Moorings, Malahide, Co Dublin

Dear Sir/Madam,

I represent The Moorings Residents Association, Malahide, Co Dublin.

Through the work of our Association, 4 issues have been brought to our attention, 2 of which relate to safety issues. They are as follows:

1. Road Markings - The road markings at the junction of Seapark that leads to the right to The Moorings estate need to be repainted. The actual road surfacing encourages drivers in cars coming down the hill from that part of the Seapark estate to badly cut the corner which puts cars turning to the right at the junction into The Moorings estate in danger of being crashed into. The road markings that help to prevent this have faded considerably which exposes the area to the potential of a serious accident.

2. Tree Issue - The trees outside a number of houses in The Moorings need to be cut back on safety grounds. One example of this is the tree outside no 24 (in the cul de sac). This tree (and a number of others) has the potential in heavy winds to be blown down in whole or part which, if it happens, would definitely damage the house, associated property and/or cars parked in nearby driveways or on the road. There is also the potential for personal injury. This issue has been raised a number of times over the past few years but no action has been taken.

3. Tree Issue - Tree outside no. 7 needs pruning as it is impacting light and security.

4. Tree Issue - The tree outside no 38 appears to be dead. could this be looked at please.

We would very much welcome your assistance in resolving the above issues/concerns.

I would appreciate if you could acknowledge receipt of this report.

Many thanks for your assistance.

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Howth/Malahide Operations (Jun 6 2019)
Your query has been passed to the Inspector for examination and necessary works.
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Howth/Malahide Operations (Jun 7 2019)
The trees will be added to the list for consideration in the 2019/2020 winter works programme. The lining will be examined and listed for re-instatement.
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