Report: Littering

14:04 Jun 4 2019 Near Woodfield Scholarstown Road Dublin 16

Auctioneer signs on the railings at Woodfield Estate on the Scholarstown Road at the 175 bus stop -- posted via mobile web
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SDCC Customer Care Agent (Jun 4 2019)
Thank you for using Fix Your Street. Your query has been referred to the Local Litter Warden for the area to inspect. South Dublin County Council continues to remove illegal signage where presented throughout the County. Additionally, the Councils Litter Warden Service actively enforces the provisions of the Litter Pollution Act 1997, as amended, in relation to all illegal signage throughout the County. Regards, SDCC.
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SDCC Customer Care Agent (Environment, Water  (Jun 6 2019)
Thank you for your report regarding the unauthorised auctioneers sign on the railings at Woodfield Estate on the Scholarstown Road.

The Litter Warden carried out an inspection of the area at the time of receiving this complaint and the relevant action will be taken in relation to this matter.

Thank you for using Fix Your Street.
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