Report: Tree roots

12:56 Jun 8 2019 Near 262 palmerstown woods clondalkin

Tree roots from tree outside house are coming up under the cobble locking on the drive and pushing the blocks up also causing the wall to crack -- posted via mobile web
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SDCC Customer Care Agent (Jun 11 2019)
Thank you for your enquiry. Palmerstown Woods is listed for a planned programme of tree maintenance on the current 2017-2019 Tree Maintenance Programme. In advance of the works being carried out a full survey of all trees in the estate will be undertaken to determine the extent of the requirement for tree maintenance. Arising from the survey, any works considered necessary will then be carried out. This work was scheduled to be carried out during 2018 and has now carried over into 2019.

All future updates to the tree maintenance programme can be found on our website at:

Regards, SDCC.

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