Report: Tree pruning

15:27 Jun 12 2019 Near St peters Terrace on St Peters Road

The tree out side my house at 2 St Peters Terrace on St peters Road near junction to St Peters Drive since 2013 I have been requesting tree to be pruned/felled its roots have raised ground around it there is a crack in footpath and my garden wall has a crack in it will you pay for it if it falls down? It is far too tall at this stage you have been around this estate several times but keep bypassing this tree the other trees after my house are low growing trees ,these tall trees should never have been planted in first place Please reply as to what maintenance have you in place for this problem Dermot Looney was the first person i contacted have correspondence plus several phone calls which seem to have been ignored and lost in system!!!! -- posted via mobile web
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SDCC Customer Care Agent (Aug 8 2019)
Thank you for your enquiry. This tree has been noted for inspection. The footpath has been reported to our roads department.

Please see our tree policy in relation to your boundary wall:

Section 6.5 Trees in Conflict with the Build Environment (Amended February 2019) states that:

'The Council will not normally consider removal of a tree where structural damage can be repaired or reasonably resolved by appropriate engineering solutions.'

‘Property owners will, at their own expense, be expected to provide evidence from an appropriately qualified professional that a particular tree is or has caused damage to their property and that all reasonable engineering alternatives have been explored before felling will be considered. Where evidence is provided which demonstrates a Council owned tree is the cause of the damage, the Council will take appropriate action on a case by case basis’



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