Report: Massive Hole at Dublin Road/Blessignton Road Junction in Left Turn Lane, Naas. Co. Kildare

12:28 Jun 18 2019 Near naas, Dublin Road/Blessington Road Junction in left turn lane onto Blessington Road

Guys, there's a massive hole opening up here at the traffic lights in the left turn lane onto the Blessington Road. You know this location because you'd been filling this hole twice or three times a year for many years up until about 3/4 years ago when you actually did a decent job of repairing the problem rather than just pouring a bit of tar into it.

It's been getting worse over the last few weeks, it's actually making people take a wider line when turning onto the Blessington Road, this in itself is dangerous. I'm surprised you don't know about this one now because I'm sure quite a few KCC employees have driven over it, believe me, you know when you drive over this thing. Is it the usual case with your staff that if it's 'not their job' they don't bring things like this to the attention of someone who can do something about it? I held off reporting this because I was sure your own staff would notice something as bad as this in a location that has its fair share of problems in the past. Shockingly, I appear to be wrong.

Please fix this, properly, soon, before there's a crash (however minor) because someone is trying to avoid it and they clip a car going into town (I've seen this nearly happen twice recently because of this)


Concerned. -- posted via

I don't need updates or assurances that you 'take all reports of defects seriously and will endeavor to have this brought to the attention of the appropriate persons' - Just get it done.
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Kildare County Council (Jun 18 2019)
Thank you for contacting Fix Your Street. Your report has been forwarded to Naas Area Office.
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