Report: Lack of Grounds Maintenance

12:15 Jun 26 2019 Near 53.282461,-6.268777

Grass Not Cut / Properly Maintained : The grass has not been cut / maintained in a number of areas within the Marley Grange Estate – particularly at the open green opposite Marley Drive, the laneway leading from Manor Heath down to the bottom end of Marley Close and at Dargle Valley / Marley Court along the river.

The estate now looks unkempt, unclean, unsightly and, particularly at the river and laneway areas, is without a doubt going to attract rats and rubbish – amongst other undesirables.

The laneway is already, even when previously maintained to a reasonable standard by DLRCC and the residents of Marley Grange, used as a dumping ground with bottles, cans, wrappers and bags of dog excrement regularly discarded there. That laneway area with its long grass and weeds which have now been allowed to grow rampant is inevitably going to deteriorate further and will attract rats (again).

The area alongside the river – which has now been appallingly neglected – is, as it has in the past, going to encourage rats and flies to inhabit the area.

Whilst the area at the river is listed on DLRCC’s website as being a “pollinator friendly site”, neither of the other two areas are noted as such and they should revert to being properly maintained.

Regardless of the identification of the river site as a “pollinator friendly site” it is not appropriate, or fair, that such a decision was taken which will adversely affect the residents of two estates; namely Marley Grange and Marley Court.

May I respectfully, but strenuously, request that Marley Grange is maintained to the previously high standards the residents have come to expect and enjoy and ask the Council to re-consider their “pollinator friendly site” locations – which not only potentially encourage pollination but certainly encourage other less favourable activities.

The programme, being embarked upon by various County Councils is, I would suggest, not appropriate to be rolled out in housing estates.

The presence of vermin in the area poses a serious health and safety risk and residentsÂ’ health should take precedence over any desire to support pollinators.

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dlr Civic Hub (Jul 1 2019)
I wish to acknowledge your case and confirm it has been logged on our Customer Relationship Management System under the reference numbers DLR-CRM 153498 (grass/weeds) / 153511 (litter/dumping).

It has been referred to our Parks department and Environmental cleansing Department for investigation.

The rats issue will need to be reported to the HSE as the council will not deal with this issue. Their number is 1850 211 774. Please report any rat infestation to them.

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