Report: I legal dumping

14:30 Jul 6 2019 Near Deerpark avenue, kidnapper tallaght

rubbish and furniture dumped, this is an on going situation and it is bringing down the look of the road matresses that have been dumped outside homes lying for months. and one particular person dumping rubbish continually, baby nappies all over place. sick of looking at this on my door step all the time.I pay my bins and other people don't seem to bother.also maintenance of weeds and stringers at edges of walls and metal frames in estate not been cut, -- posted via mobile web
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SDCC Customer Care Agent (Jul 9 2019)
Thank you for using Fix Your Street. Your query has been referred to the Litter Warden for the area to inspect. If any local residents can provide details of the persons littering or dumping at this location, they should contact the Litter Warden by e-mailing: to help us take enforcement action under the Litter Pollution Act. Regards. SDCC.
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SDCC Customer Care Agent (Environment, Water  (Jul 19 2019)
Thank you for your report regarding the illegal dumping on Kiltipper Avenue, Tallaght.

The Litter Warden carried out an inspection of the area at the time of receiving this complaint and noted the area was clear of all rubbish. He will continue to monitor this area as per his routine patrols.

Thank you for using Fix Your Street.
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