Report: Sycamore Tree on the pavement outside number 65/64 Biscayne Malahide

09:51 Jul 23 2013 65/64 Biscayne Malahide

There is a Sycamore Tree on the pavement outside number 65/64 Biscayne Malahide Co Dublin which is 'weeping' stickly material. The material is on the road and the pavement and sticking to cars.
Could someone have a look at this please.

Thank you
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FCC Malahide/Howth Operations Division (Jul 26 2013)
The adhesive coating you refer to is due to greenfly. Greenfly are eating the leaves on the tree and excreting a substance called honey dew which then drops down onto the pavement.

This is a perfectly natural occurrence that is happening.

Rain should quickly clear this substance which it has been doing the last few days.
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