Report: Roveagh road surface.

12:15 Jul 22 2019 Near 53.233254265638,-8.8352775957255

In Roveagh, about 150 past the motorway overpass bridge, on the Clarinbridge side, there is an area of poor road surface. While the road was resurfaced in recent months it has not rectified the numerous indentations and uneven surface on the road. Thank you

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GCC Customer Service (Jul 23 2019)
This matter has been referred to the Area Office for their attention
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GCC Customer Service (Jul 23 2019)
This section will not be surfaced again for a considerable time. When it was resurfaced before this, the aim was not to fix every indentation and any uneven surface, rather to seal and preserve the existing integrity of the road surface. In other words, GCC will not be doing any major works here for the forseeable future.
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