Report: Tree Maintenance

15:00 Jul 26 2019 Near 23 Glendown park, Templeogue

Trees on my road need to be cut / trimmed. I have written to the environment dept. sdcc dating back to 2017. I have concerns about the safety of the tree. Recent storms the tree was leaning over. My preference would be to have it trimmed to mitigate any risk to the property and to the public. I would really appreciate if sdcc could assist. -- posted via
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SDCC Customer Care Agent (Jul 29 2019)
The trees on Glendown Park were inspected on 20.05.19. The trees do not require any immediate maintenance but has been noted for remedial maintenance.

In line with the Council's Tree Management Policy 2015-2020 "Living With Trees", the focus of the Tree Maintenance Programme will be on entire roads or whole estates.

Glendown Park is not included for maintenance on the 2017 - 2019 Tree Maintenance Programme. However, arising from inspection of the tree requested, the recommended works have been noted and will be prioritised accordingly as part of a future Tree Maintenance Programme for the estate.

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