Report: Illegal Dumping

08:47 Aug 7 2019 Near on a corner of Composite Doors shop

We have illegal dumping into our personal bins and around the area that we live. There is a massive skip beside our front door that was open before and people were illegally dumping into it, but now it's closed and all rubbish are put in our bins and around our front door.

Please help us to remove the skip from our front door as it's very unsafe, untidy and creates potential serious health issues and damages the neighborhood for illegal dumping. Also it encourages strangers to dump their rubbish to our personal bins. That creates additional costs for us which i think it could be also brought to court as it's personal wealth damage.

Appreciate your support of taking care of this matter and collecting illegal rubbish from our place.

Thank you
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dlr Civic Hub (Aug 27 2019)
I wish to acknowledge your case and confirm it has been logged on our Customer Relationship Management System under the reference number DLR-CRM 159716.

It has been referred to our Environmental Cleansing Department for investigation.

For the skip you will need to call the company which is named on the skip in order to have it removed.

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