Report: Dangerous junction

11:54 Aug 14 2019 Near Newcaslte

The junction where the Lyons Road meets the Athgoe road, just outside Newcastle Village, is becoming extremely dangerous due to an over grown hedge. Drivers pulling out onto the Athgoe road are unable to see if there is any traffic coming from the left and visibility to the right is also not as good as it should be. These are busy roads and people often speed on them.

The same issue also exists at the junction between Hazelhatch Road and the Brownstown Road. It is even worse! In an effort to see what is coming from the left and right drivers have to pull out onto the road. Their bumpers are actually on the road and drivers coming from the left often have to swerve to avoid hitting them while at the same time avoiding oncoming traffic.

Since I began commuting on these roads just a month ago now I have seen a number of near misses and dread having to pull out onto both roads.

Please, please cut the hedges and install mirrors. -- posted via mobile web
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