Report: Concealed entrance - urgently need convex mirror fitted.

13:05 Aug 14 2019 Near 53.316968,-6.493798

We (and our neighbour) have a concealed entrance on the L6032 country road. Traffic is very fast on this road with cars overtaking on the bends. Vehicle carriers go past our house every day. Visibility is extremely poor when exiting our entrance and is highly dangerous. We urgently need a large convex mirror fitted across the road and traffic calming measures. Please advise.

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SDCC Customer Care Agent (Aug 15 2019)
I refer to your request for the provision of mirrors on the L6032.

The council does not provide mirrors on public roads, as this is not a standard road measure, and is not covered in our public liability insurance.

However you can consider placing a mirror on private property with the consent of the landowner and planning permission.
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