Report: Nangor Rd / Adamstown Rd cycle path issues

14:17 Aug 23 2019 Near Nangor Road & Adamstown Road

Three items which i hope that you can address:
1. the newly redesigned Nangor Road (R134) cycle path contains yield points outside Bolands Car dealership. Why do cyclists need to yield for a private entrance?
2. cyclists travelling along the Adamstown Road (R120) left hand side cycle path approaching the junction with the Nangor road who wish to travel straight ahead towards Newcastle are effectively boxed in by traffic turning left. This is a dangerous pinch point.
3. the cycle track along both Nangor and Adamstown roads (on both sides) contains a lot of detritus particularly stones and glass making it unsuitable for cycling. Can the cycle paths be cleaned? -- posted via
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SDCC Customer Care Agent (Sep 3 2019)
Thank you for using Fix your Street. I refer to your query regarding Nangor Road/Adamstown Road cycle path.

1. Yield symbol markings were included for safety purposes by the Design Consultant, to bring the attention of cyclists to the entrances. South Dublin County Council are looking into having these 2 number yield symbols removed along the cycle track.

2.There is an Advance Stacking Location (ASL) located on the southbound approach to the junction. Cyclists travelling straight ahead are required to stop on the on-road cycle track and to then enter the ASL when clear to do so. They can then travel straight ahead under a ‘straight ahead’ green light.

3.Sweeping and cleaning of roads and footpaths we have sent your query to road maintenance section for their attention.


Roads Section

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