Report: Large Trees on Co Council land overhanging garden

21:04 Sep 1 2019 Near 27 Seacrest, Skerries , Co Dublin

There are three large trees beside a boundary wall to our house on county council green. These are overhanging into our garden blocking the light source. We are also concerned that they are impacting on the boundary wall . Some bushes in the same area were recently removed by the County Council, however although this is useful, its mainly the large trees that are causing concern. They need to be removed
Kind regards
Resident Seacrest Skerries -- posted via
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Balbriggan Swords Operations Department (Sep 4 2019)
Thank you for using the “Fix Your Street” system. This matter has been referred to the relevant section.
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Balbriggan Swords Operations Department (Sep 11 2019)
These trees are a long way from the house and other than possibly blocking some light, they are not causing any other issues. You are of course entitled to cut any parts of Fingal County Council trees that are overhanging your own property.
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