Report: Health & safety trip hazard & potential footpath damage

16:22 Sep 11 2019 Near Harrison's cove Skerries

I see that the council (or possibly a member of the public) recently planted almost 30 evergreen trees, on the edge of a public footpath, beside No 4 Harrisons Cove in Skerries. These are already a big trip hazard, currently and will only become an even bigger health and safety issue as they slowly encroach onto the public footpath as well as destroying the paths foundations. They will in time, given how fast they grow, force members of the public closer to the busy road when walking on the path, and are currently really making it difficult for members of the public to pass in a safe manner. I've already witnessed a mother with a double boogie & a member of the public on a mobility scooter having difficulty with these trees. I & one of my neighbours have been a victim of tripping over these trees already (thankfully nothing serious). There will also be a concern for antisocial behaviour as these trees begin to grow and create a 'cover' for possible alcohol/drug taking. Giving the amount of children in the area, this is a real worry . Can the council please remove these trees as a matter of urgency before something serious happens & just continue to maintain the grass area as you have been doing for the last 10 years or so? -- posted via mobile web
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Balbriggan Swords Operations Department (Sep 12 2019)
Thank you for using the “Fix Your Street” system. This matter has been referred to the relevant section.
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