Report: hedgerow blocking view of cars

11:32 Oct 11 2019 Near Rathingle Road

There is a hedgerow to the left inside the gates of the Ridgewood playing pitch/playground on the Rathingle road which faces the school crossing at Forrest Dale. The problem is that it completely blocks the view of any pedestrians walking past the entrance gate so cars exiting that car park cant see to their right hand side if pedestrians are walking past on the outside footpath. The problem is a significant safety risk as it is right where the school children cross the road and due to children being shorter than adults they cant be seen by the cars exiting. there have been a number of near hits of children here although no reported because they were only 'nearly' hit. its just a matter of time before a child is hit. It would greatly help if that hedgrow was removed as it would just grow again and cause another obstruction if only trimmed back. Thank you for your time. Also the hedgerows athe the actually pedestrian gates at this location and at the corner of ridgewood where the gap is at the rounadbout are also overgrown. Maybe they could be removed too. The one at the gap at the roundabout attracts teenagers to hang out there and its full of litter and beer cans. they hang out there blocking the gap as the hedgrow gives them somewhat privacy however it is very intimidating to walk through that gap while full of teenagers blocking it up. I think they would hang there if the hedgerow was cut back. -- posted via mobile web
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