Report: Cars Parked on Road

08:20 Nov 17 2019 Near 53.312376328172,-6.3207010341217

There are several cars parked on this road on a constant basis. Recently there has been two "head on" car crashes within the past year. One was as recent as this week. Due to the cars constantly parked on the road, buses, cars and cyclists have to go around and end up on the other side of the road. Understandable the road is fine for cars to pull in but not to be parked there for weeks on end. The road is not wide enough to essentially take 3 cars across it at a time (one parked, one overtaking and one coming towards). Is it possible the put a double yellow line to prevent cars parking on the road from 86 Whitehall Road West to 100 Whitehall Road West. Sufficient parking has been povided on Hillsbrook Avenue to prevent cars parking on the main road.

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SDCC Customer Care Agent (Nov 18 2019)
The road at this location is 9.3m wide and is adequate to allow cars to park and allow passing vehicles to remain on their own side of the road.
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