Report: Massive Pothole - Incredibly Dangerous

08:49 Dec 23 2019 Near L1001 between the junction with the R148 and R160.

Hi, There is a massive pothole located on the L1001 between the junction with the R148 and R160. I haven't a precise location as I am not particularly familiar with the area (attached map is approx), but its approx 1 1/2 or 2 kms perhaps from the R148 junction travelling in the direction of Longwood, Meath. There is a house for sale along that road with Auctioneers which is at Sale Agreed on the signage. The pothole is just prior to this property but you can't miss it if you drive that road in the direction of Longwood. It is an incredibly large and dangerous deterioration of the road surface at this point likely to cause significant damage to vehicle or accidents if people impact with it. Probably classified as an emergency repair being required - or at least some temporary solution pending proper repair in the new year. Many thanks and happy Christmas to all. Regards -- posted via
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Kildare County Council (Dec 23 2019)
Thank you for contacting Fix Your Street.

Your report has been forwarded to our Roads Section.
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Kildare County Council (Jan 15 2020)
The Clane Maynooth Municipal District Engineer confirms this has been referred to the General Services Supervisor to address. The Road is under consideration for improvement works in 2020.
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