Report: Path drilling by CITIUS for sdcc

10:35 Jan 14 2020 Near 53.316627546657,-6.4020485959945

The company contracted by South Dublin Clouny Council, are, at present (14th jan 2020) drilling up the paths on Saint John's Park. This is ostensibly 'path repairs' - ie, there is no other purpose in drilling up these paths (eg, pipe layong etc). Yet there are no problems at all in any of the large sections of paths that are being drilled up to be re-laid - so what we have is a company that the council have contracted and paid to destroy and then re-lay paths that had nothing wrongnwith them in the first place. Is this a matter of using up council budget or is there a special reason that company haven been given contracts to do unnecessary work ? I re-emphasise, there are absolutely no issues with the sections of path that company are working on. We watched the personnell from this company come out late last year and spray yellow markings at several points along the road, points identified at random - it appears that they have decided in advance that they are doing 'x' number of digs in each area which will take them the sought amount of time for which they will be paid accordingly. Has anyone from the council checked to see where there are actual real issues with cracks in paths in Clondalkin needing repair or did they just sign a contract with company for the desired amount of work and fee ?? We will be taking before-&-after photos of each of the subsequent points that company target in St. John's and passing them on to relevant public representatives and officers

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SDCC Customer Care Agent (Jan 16 2020)
The Area Engineer with responsibility for this area has given the contractor specific works to do.

Contractors are procured by South Dublin County Council in line with procurement regulations.
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