Report: Dangerous parking in Howth Village

12:07 Jan 22 2020 Near howth

Cars are parking in front of hoarding at the old Bailey court hotel in such a way as to be a danger to all traffic. To pass by them all traffic must cross over the centre line causing danger to traffic moving down the hill. This is a reasonably narrow road and a traffic accident is imminent. There is no safe way to walk from the library to the health clinic or bus stop, the parked cars are forcing pedestrians to walk out on the roadway. -- posted via
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Howth Malahide Operations Department (Feb 11 2020)
Thank you for using FYS.The Traffic Engineer has informed me that he has been in contact with the Developers of the Bailey Court Hotel and also Planning Enforcement section of Fingal County Council.The Solicitors acting on behalf of the developers have indicated the original frontage where the car parking areas previously existed belonged to the Bailey Court Hotel site. The developer has constructed hoarding and a pedestrian walkway on these private lands. Traffic section are checking independently with the Land Registry section to ensure no works have been constructed on public lands.Regards the parking, there is little that can be said except the parallel parking has been observed and is not disrupting traffic flow at this location.
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Howth Malahide Operations Department (Feb 13 2020)
Thank you for using FYS. A pedestrian walk way has been inserted at the side where cars are parking.Traffic are presently investigating the hoarding location public v private but every indication at present is that it is on private lands including the pedestrian walkway which was put in place by the developer to facilitate pedestrians.Traffic have no other comment at this time
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