Report: Entrance over grown with trees n bushes

12:45 May 20 2020 Near 53.34004,-6.433067

As you come into the Griffeen Glen Boulevard entrance there is two trees n bushes on ever side that are too over grown I like them if you can just take them all out n something else that I could manage better iv cut it back but itÂ’s just to much for a person that not got skills or equipment To do it really letÂ’s are area down. the path at timeS came blocked with the bushes so I cut them back but it to much itÂ’s been like this for years A least 8 years Iv asked for help but nothing been done the roots of the tree has made the path uneven too someone could trip on the gaps this entire lots of ppl us for the 2 schools on that road n the shops any help be great full

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SDCC Customer Care Agent (May 21 2020)
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