Report: Road flooding

09:30 Jun 16 2020 Near 52.902234102387,-8.9574832203154

Last year the road that I live on was re surfaced by Clare county county council. At the time I informed the area engineer that I had a constant problem when there was heavy rain with water flowing down my drive way. I was assured that he would have a look at this and remedy the problem.

Well I can assure you this has not happened and after the rain yesterday evening whatever work may have been done has now been undone.

My driveway was like a flowing river and I had a lake of water at the front of my house (photos attached). Where I live there are two roads emerging onto one (Y) The higher of the roads is where the water is flowing from and it cuts down to my driveway. I have a gully at my gate to take normal rainfall and I have also put a gully into my field that borders this area.

Clare County Council have done nothing despite being asked to do so

I feel totally let down by Clare county council road crew and engineers.

I request that immediate work takes place to remedy this situation and that their roads crew for the area visit today to see first hand the devastation that has been caused.

My tarmac has been eroded and I will be submitting a claim for damages for same.

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Customer Services (Jun 29 2020)
Your query has been referred for investigation and follow up action.
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customer Services (Jul 7 2020)
The complaint has been referred to Ennis M.D. and is now closed.
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