Report: Ramp needed

11:10 Jun 17 2020 Near 53.372341182225,-6.3611935738976

There is a pedestrian entrance to Castleknock Lodge from Castleknock Road. The entrance is gated with 5 steps. As a mother of 2 with a third child on the way, these steps pose a real danger each day as it is a struggle to manage the buggy up and down the steps. My main worry is that I will loose control of the buggy, allowing it to roll onto the busy road that is at the bottom of the steps. We live in an estate that is mainly made up of an ageing population. I therefore request that the steps be turned into a ramp. It would not only assist in the safety of my children and I each day, but for the estate as a whole who very soon may find themselves unable to manage the steps.

Many thanks,

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