Report: Road Surface Very Rough and Road Flooding

07:30 Aug 5 2020 Near 53.330481,-9.182488

Hi there,

IÂ’m wondering if you can help me. IÂ’ve never put a request in to the local authority before for a road to be repaired so feel free to redirect me. I live on the L5373, a boreen (cul da sac) just before Moycullen village - Here

The road was resurface half the way up as far as the houses indicated below on the map in green but the surface is very rough the remainder of the boreen (indicated in red). My son and daughter cycle on this road and theyÂ’ve both had accidents as the surface is very broken in parts. The council has filled the pot holes as they emerge but this section needs to be resurfaced. All other boreens in the surrounding area have been completed.

IÂ’m wondering could you add this road to your schedule for maintenance or direct me to who can review this one. ThereÂ’s also a couple of areas with significant dips in this part of the road where it regularly floods and needs the surface to be raised slightly (between H91 P9NN and H91 CD4V). The council had added a new pipe several years ago under the road but left the surface too low and flooding comes over the road for 6 months of the year.


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GCC Customer Service (Aug 5 2020)
Thank you for your correspondence. This matter has been forwarded to the Cararroe Area Office for their attention.
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